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7 min read

How BrandBastion Optimizes the Customer Journey at Every Stage of the Buying Path

In our previous post, we talked about how the nature of social media has evolved over the years to its current form, and what this means for advertisers today. The key takeaway was how social media is...

4 min read

Specialized Comment Management Vs. Basic Filtering Tools

Removing harmful comments, reacting promptly to threats, and providing a great customer experience on social media is increasingly important in achieving both brand and performance goals. When it come...

4 min read

How Social Media has Changed the Game for Advertisers

Traditionally, the consumer’s path to purchase has been most commonly described in terms of a funnel, starting from awareness to conversion and retention. However, with customers having more touchpoin...

9 min read

What Marketers Can Learn from Gillette’s “The Best A Man Can Get” Ad

It’s only been slightly over a week since Gillette’s ad, which touched on topics related to #MeToo and toxic masculinity, was released. But the backlash has been fast and furious. Within hours, the ad...

6 min read

Three Social Media All-Stars of 2018

As another new year begins, brands are already hard at work to find themselves at the top of consumers’ minds. How can social media be leveraged? What will receive the most engagement? What worked las...

4 min read

A New Way to Optimize Campaigns with User Sentiment in Real-Time

By Christine Göös, Head of Content at

7 min read

Get Your Social Media Advertising in Shape for the New Year

December is here, and with it, the season when wellness and fitness brands everywhere are gearing up for their busiest month of the year - January. Year after year, the data from online searches show ...

7 min read

Why and How Should Brands Respond to Customers on Social Media?

Responding to customers on social media can be a terrifying thought for even the most seasoned marketers. One misstep can easily get amplified. At the same time, brands can drive positive brand percep...

9 min read

Web Summit 2018 Lisbon Highlights - Days 3 and 4

After a very exciting first two days at Web Summit Lisbon 2018, which gathered over 70,000 people in the capital of Portugal, including 31,000 Women in Tech, #BrandBastioneer Carina Miranda continues ...

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