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What Dating Apps Marketing on Social Media Need to Know

  • by: Crystal Cha
  • On: 19, Feb 2020
11 min read
11 min read

What Dating Apps Marketing on Social Media Need to Know

From fraud prevention to community safety, and the protection of personal information; these are the three common challenges faced by dating apps marketing on social Dating apps are maturing in usage....

14 min read

How to Drive Customer Journeys with YouTube Videos

Why and how brands can use YouTube videos more strategically In this post, we explore the role that YouTube is playing in customer journeys, how some global brands are leveraging YouTube via ads and r...

Fan-Based Engagement Strategy: Maximizing Word of Mouth Marketing

How Brands Can Leverage Positive Comments on Social Media From Fans Positivity sells, and it’s a powerful marketing resource and customer engagement strategy. But the love left on your posts by fans h...

15 min read

4 Social Messaging Platforms to Explore in 2020

How Brands Can Leverage Social Messaging Platforms to Drive Sales and Loyalty If you’re like me, you probably have hundreds or thousands (I have 11,147) unread emails in your personal inbox. With the ...

8 min read

Handling Customer Complaints at Scale on Social Media: Best Practices

Customer complaints. They’re the type of comment no brand wants to see on its social media ads. Yet, customers are voicing out their displeasure on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Such public posts ...

How To Increase Customer Engagement With Facebook Groups

Actionable tips and ideas on how brands can improve customer engagement on Facebook In 2017, Facebook groups became a central part of Facebook’s new mission to "bring the world closer together". Accor...

13 min read

The Role of Mobile in the Beauty Industry

With mobile becoming indispensable and our amplified desire to be constantly connected, it’s no wonder that the ‘mobile-only’ generation is on the rise. Its role as the force at the center of our digi...

5 min read

From Town Hall to Living Room Conversations

The evolution of Facebook engagement is coming full circle Imagine customers calling your company hotline just to say “I love your product!” or copying your customer service agents into an email threa...

7 min read

How Social Media Comments Impact Sales: 14 Important Stats

If you’ve worked with social media before, you probably already know that negative comments and unchecked trolling and spamming hurts brands and sales. But quantifying that impact can be a little hard...

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