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Best Skincare Brands on Instagram: 25 Accounts to Follow

Creating a lasting impact on social media is a challenge. There's an overwhelming amount of content from brands, influencers, and even friends vying for your attention. This curated list focuses on skincare brands that stand out. They've distinguished themselves by establishing a compelling brand identity and forging deep connections with their communities. 

Aesop Instagram Account

Aesop's social media channels emphasise aesthetics, presenting beautifully curated content in soft, muted tones that evoke a soothing sense of calm. Their Instagram posts include cultural inspiration such as literature and music reflecting their holistic approach to well-being. Through poetic captions they offer a glimpse into the creative processes behind their products and store designs. This cultivates a deeper connection with their community while showcasing their core values of craftsmanship, transparency, and sustainability.

Bambu Earth Instagram Account

With a focus on creating sustainable and natural skincare products, Bambu Earth posts real, unfiltered photographs of both people and nature. These stunning visuals, including lifestyle shots and their natural ingredients, portray Bambu Earth's values of natural beauty, simplicity, and eco-consciousness. In addition to their aesthetic appeal, they also educate their followers. They promote eco-friendly tips and share the benefits of organic ingredients, empowering their community to make more informed choices.

Bubble Instagram Account

Bubble offers clean and affordable skincare for teenagers. Their vibrant colours and playful posts create a youthful vibe, resembling a fashion magazine. Speaking the language of Gen Z, they educate their community through fun reels, provide behind-the-scenes content, and introduce members of the Bubble team. Bubble's high engagement rate reflects their commitment to an active community. Through giveaways, interactive captions, and content inspired by their follower's questions, they foster a community-centric experience. 

Curology Instagram Account

Curology dedicates itself to making medical-grade skincare, focused on addressing acne and anti-aging, affordable and accessible. They establish their expertise as skincare specialists through collaborations with dermatologists and providing comprehensive information about ingredients and skincare conditions. By showcasing before-and-after results and debunking skincare myths, they cultivate trust in their brand. Curology also embraces body and skin positivity by featuring unaltered photos and celebrating stigmatised skin conditions. 

Dieux Instagram Account

By meticulously vetting their products, Dieux ensures exceptional quality, giving their customers the confidence they need without having to take a 'leap of faith'. Their social media channels transport their followers to a quirky heaven complete with fluffy cloud backdrops. By sharing valuable skincare tips, impressive before-and-after transformations, and curating beautiful user testimonials, they reinforce faith in their products. Dieux prioritise self-care and post inspirational messages that encourage their community of angels to radiate from within.

Farmacy Instagram Account

Farmacy uses responsible, farm-sourced ingredients to create clean products with delicious flavours like Strawberry Shortcake Make-Up Remover and Apple Lip Smoothie. Embracing the foodie theme across their socials, their content includes mouthwatering images of juicy apples and creamy shortcake. They even use fruit to demonstrate the effectiveness of their beauty products. Committed to having a positive impact, they leverage their platform to raise awareness around causes they support, such as reducing food waste.

Frank Body Instagram Account

Frank Body has built a distinct, strong brand identity across their social channels and Instagram profile. They communicate directly with their community in the first person via Frank, the cheeky brand persona, addressing them as 'babes'. They're also frank about their products, providing digestible guides on their ingredients and tips for addressing skin concerns like body bumps. They celebrate authenticity and body positivity, encouraging their Instagram community to share real pictures of themselves using their scrubs.

Glow Recipe Instagram Account

Glow Recipe has captivated the interest of their Gen Z audience with a compelling social media presence. They showcase their range of fruity products in playful and eye-catching colors, grabbing attention and sparking curiosity. Alongside using natural ingredients, they also celebrate natural beauty and share unfiltered posts promoting body inclusivity across their social channels. Glow Recipe features their own community members as models, selecting them based on their inner beauty. 

Heyday Instagram Account

Heyday's mission is to make personalized skincare accessible to everyone and 'take the facial out of the spa'. Their social channels adopt a consultative approach, providing skincare guidance with the aim of assisting rather than simply promoting brand products. With a focus on democratizing the facial, they explain the benefits of different types of facials tailored to various skin types. Heyday connects with their community by offering exciting giveaways, featuring user-generated content, and collaborating with skincare experts.

Kora Organics' Instagram Account

KORA Organics has gained recognition for its clean products that incorporate natural elements. Their online presence mirrors this same authentic and simplistic philosophy. Their content includes stripped-back images of people and nature that pay homage to their Australian roots. Demonstrating their dedication to sustainability, they feature posts on World Ocean Day and promote their refillable pots. Through honest product reviews, KORA Organics reinforces their mission of delivering the highest quality skincare to its community.

Murad Instagram Account

Murad's social channels act as a valuable resource for skincare enthusiasts, offering digestible, educational content. They provide valuable guidance from experts, such as estheticians and dermatologists, to help their followers achieve the best skincare results. Impressive before-and-after shots showcase the effectiveness of their products and build trust in the beauty brand. Murad maintains a cool and engaging presence by creating tutorials through Instagram Reels, incorporating bursts of color, organizing giveaways, and directly interacting with their followers. 

Naked & Thriving Instagram Account

Naked & Thriving's Instagram posts embrace a simplistic and clean aesthetic, mirroring the purity of their products. They provide equally as simple and digestible skincare advice and seamlessly integrate elements from nature, emphasizing their dedication to all-natural products and sustainability. Partnering with nonprofits, they plant a tree for every bottle sold. Aiming to make the world a better place, they also use their platform to support the LGBTQ+ community, as seen with their campaign over Pride.

Screenshot 2023-07-17 at 13.06.08

With products scientifically proven to reverse the age of skin, OneSkin uses their Instagram account to educate their community about the science of aging. By sharing their groundbreaking research and in-depth knowledge at the molecular level, OneSkin establishes themselves as industry experts. They instill credibility and trust in their brand by posting reviews from both customers and skincare experts. Their distinct branding exudes a scientific feel, emphasizing their research-led approach, while incorporating memes adds a playful element to their content.

Osea Malibu Instagram Account

OSEA is renowned for its vegan and cruelty-free products with sea-derived ingredients. Their Instagram content captures this connection, featuring posts of beaches and the ocean that celebrate the brand's affinity for marine elements. They also share the benefits of using ingredients like seaweed and algae. OSEA builds a sense of community by posting user-generated content, with an Instagram Highlight dedicated to showcasing customer product experiences, and collaborating with beauty influencers who share their commitment to inclusivity.

Paula's Choice Instagram Account

Fully committed to truth and transparency, Paula's Choice uses their social media to deliver reliable and honest facts about skincare. Their community can access expert knowledge on general skincare topics, specific ingredients, and advice for different skin types. They use an effective influencer marketing strategy, working with influencers who align with their values and promote diversity. By sharing amusing and timely memes that resonate with their audience, they also demonstrate their trend-savviness.

Peach & Lily Instagram Account

Peach & Lily uses Instagram to foster a community that embodies their brand values of connection, empowerment, and inclusivity. They go beyond showcasing products by sharing inspiring stories and supporting individuals facing self-perception challenges. Through detailed product tutorials, they also empower their audience to make informed skincare choices and achieve their Glass Skin goals. Peach & Lily's social media channels create a space where skincare enthusiasts can learn, connect, and celebrate diverse beauty journeys.

Skinfix Instagram Account

Trusted by consumers and dermatologists alike, Skinfix leverages social media to portray their expertise in skin barrier care. Through informative content, they establish themselves as reliable authorities in addressing skin concerns such as Psoriasis and Keratosis Pilaris. They engage with their community by providing personalized recommendations, building a sense of trust and connection. By showcasing real feedback and using influencer marketing, Skinfix builds a supportive community of skincare enthusiasts who value their expert advice.

Sol de Janeiro Instagram Account

Sol de Janeiro's account offers an immersive experience with captivating visuals showcasing iconic Brazilian locations. Their Instagram posts burst with their distinctive, bright colors, complemented by playful captions that resonate with their community. Through collaborations with influencers and celebrating the beauty of different skin tones, Sol de Janeiro nurtures a diverse and connected community. These efforts cultivate a shared passion for their products and the lively Brazilian spirit among their followers.

Sunday Riley Instagram Account

Sunday Riley's range consists of scientifically-backed skincare products that include botanicals to help achieve a nourished complexion. Their social media campaigns offer insights into product uses and Instagram Highlights are leveraged to provide deep-dives into key components like Vitamin C and Retinol. Tutorials and influencers play a crucial role in demonstrating the tangible results of their products and building trust in the brand. They foster an engaging environment and encourage followers to reach out with any questions they have.

True Botanicals Instagram Account

True Botanicals is dedicated to sustainability and educates their community about clean beauty. They share valuable information about the benefits of natural ingredients, and their Chief Product Innovation Officer offers insights into their product formulations. Ambassador Brooke Shields, along with other celebrities, share their favorite products from the range and tips on how to use them. Additionally, True Botanicals' posts celebrate the female body and their tutorials with serene music, inspire followers to view their skincare routine as a calming daily ritual.

Truly Instagram Account

Truly's products are a vibrant explosion of color, enriched with innovative ingredients like CBD. Their Instagram account immerses followers in a multi-colored world currently bursting with pink, thanks to their Barbie collection. Their products help with the likes of ingrown hairs and stretch marks, issues many people struggle with but don't openly discuss. Truly aims to normalize conversations around these subjects and make self-care fun with content such as ASMR butt shaving.

Typology. Instagram Account

Typology's Instagram reflects the brand's values through their clean, minimalist, and effortlessly stylish aesthetics. Every aspect, from tutorials to product shots, resembles a work of art or high-fashion shoot, demonstrating their strong commitment to visual excellence. They skillfully incorporate natural elements, transforming even the simplest subjects, like an orange into a chic visual delight. This creative approach showcases not only Typology's use of vegan, natural ingredients but also their dedication to minimalist formulas.

Vacation Instagram Account

Vacation's Instagram social media posts evoke the carefree spirit of the 80s, when the leisurely act of sunbathing was celebrated. Through a blend of retro visuals, and authentic vintage photos featuring the Vacation team themselves, they flawlessly capture the essence of the era. Vacation's playful storytelling shines through their captions, filled with clever wordplay and relatable anecdotes that speak directly to their followers. This immersive approach creates a sense of belonging, forging an online community that embraces the nostalgia of the 80s.

Youth To The People Instagram Account

Youth To The People uses their socials to inform their community about their unique blend of ingredients fusing science and superfoods. They share insights into the ingredients used in each product, explaining the specific benefits of promoting healthy skin. They also leverage their platform to raise awareness about important causes that align with their values. Their recent series, Beautiful People, shares inspiring stories from members of their own community, empowering and uplifting others in the process.

Zo Skin Health Instagram Account

Dr. Zein Obagi, an esteemed dermatologist, established ZO Skin Health with a commitment to providing effective solutions for optimal skin health. Their socials include informative guides and live discussions to inform followers on important topics like sun protection and acne. Through collaborations with skin care professionals and sharing visual transformations, they bolster their credibility. They also encourage followers to post their own skincare queries, maintaining an ongoing dialogue with their community. 


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