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BrandBastion7/11/23 5:43 AM7 min read

All You Need to Know About Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT)

Social media intelligence is the key to unlocking the true potential of your social media efforts. It helps you connect with your audience, gather insights, and provide the best social media experience possible. But that's not all. In fact, not only social media marketers and managers benefit from social media intelligence. Several departments within a company can find value in using SOCMINT — from customer service to product development. In this blog post, you'll learn more about why you must implement social media intelligence and how your business gets the most out of it.


What is social media intelligence? 

Social media intelligence, also known as SOCMINT or SMI, refers to the tools and processes used to collect and leverage data and insights from social media platforms. It is a subset of open source intelligence (OSINT), which encompasses not only social media but also other publicly available media channels and platforms.

Essentially, social media intelligence involves assembling the puzzle of gathered information. You can derive actionable insights by carefully reviewing and analyzing various data sets, applying advanced AI techniques, and drawing conclusions with human expertise. These insights can then empower you to make well-informed business decisions and ensure alignment with your audience's expectations and preferences.

Social media intelligence vs. listening, monitoring, and analytics

Within the field of social media intelligence, you can find several subareas. For example, it's common to talk about social media listening, social media monitoring, social media analytics, and sentiment analysis in relation to SOCMINT.

  • Social media monitoring is about managing social media daily, including tasks like tracking, collecting, and analyzing data, as well as interacting with followers on social media platforms. 
  • Social media listening is relevant for setting up short-term and long-term goals. It refers to the process of understanding what people are talking about, why they're talking about it, and how they're talking about it. 
  • Social media analytics cover collecting, analyzing, and reviewing various data sets and statistics across social media platforms.
    • Sentiment analysis helps you understand people's perceptions, opinions, attitudes, and emotions toward a brand, product, or certain content. 

Finally, social media intelligence is used to make sense of it all, as well as translate it into actionable insights. 

Social media intelligence 2.0 — a wheel approach

Traditionally, social media marketing has been a linear process. You start with planning a strategy, continue with creating content, publishing it, managing interactions and conversations, and end with analyzing the results. However, social media intelligence is a rapidly evolving field that requires constant adaptation and innovation. 

The downside of the linear approach is that you may miss many opportunities. Social media is, as the name suggests, social. It's built around interactions and conversations online, which always happen in real-time.

A linear approach is usually built around planning ahead and then sticking to a plan without considering what's happening in real-time. As a result, many brands spend time and resources on content that could perform better.

To truly utilize its benefits, it's better to use SOCMINT with a circular approach where you continuously analyze quantitative and qualitative data across your social media channels.

This way, it's easier to be proactive and make informed decisions about future strategies based on a thorough understanding of social media's ever-changing landscapes. This is the best way to use social media as a business intelligence tool.

In short, a wheel process enables you to stay agile. Instead of analyzing the performance of an ad, camping, or strategy until after it had its run, you create an iterative process with a shorter time span from insight to action. 360-(1)

Examples of how to use social media intelligence to optimize your business: 5 use cases

There's no doubt that SOCMINT can provide various valuable, actionable insights that can be beneficial for optimizing a business overall. Let us look into an example of how to use social media intelligence for your business's social media.

1. Customer experience enhancement

One of the most significant advantages of SOCMINT is gaining a deep understanding of your target audience. Social media platforms are easy and accessible for customers and followers who want to share feedback, ask questions, and interact with brands. Therefore, continuously analyzing sentiments and comments is ideal for tailoring products, services, and customer experiences.

For instance, SOCMINT insights can facilitate the process of mapping out your audience's pain points, motivations, expectations, and needs. This knowledge enables you to build lasting customer relationships and deliver a personalized experience.

2. Brand reputation management & PR crisis prevention

Social media intelligence helps businesses monitor and manage their online reputation by tracking mentions, reviews, and sentiment analysis. For instance, trends and movements can spread worldwide in the blink of an eye, immediately influencing our online and offline everyday life. PR crises are also known for taking off in a second because of events happening in real life or online campaigns that do not resonate well with an audience. 

To take advantage of opportunities, as well as avoid social media crises, you want to stay up to date. Social media intelligence helps you efficiently get an overview of each and every field of your social media efforts. As a result, it's easier to keep your social media strategy more agile and act fast in potentially harmful situations. 

3. Product development and market research

Social media intelligence is a valuable tool for product development and market research. By analyzing conversations, feedback, and sentiments on social media, businesses can gain insights into customer preferences, emerging trends, and unmet needs. This information helps companies make data-driven decisions, innovate their products, and identify market opportunities.

Additionally, social media intelligence provides a cost-effective and efficient way to monitor competitors and evaluate customer reception of products in real time. Overall, it enables businesses to stay ahead in the market and make informed decisions that drive success.

4. Marketing campaign optimization

SOCMINT helps you tailor strategies on an overall level as well as in detail. You can efficiently identify best practices by monitoring and analyzing content performance and how well it resonates with your audience. 

Social media intelligence insights can, for example, help you tweak content, tone, and timing to fit certain platforms. In many cases, there's no need to change your overall strategy across all platforms if the problem is only related to a specific one. This way, you can optimize your content, budget, and use of resources, as well as increase your brand awareness, loyalty, and conversions.

5. Trend spotting

Social media intelligence allows organizations and social media managers to stay updated on the latest trends and topics of interest to their audience. By monitoring conversations, hashtags, and user-generated content, businesses can identify emerging trends, align their marketing efforts accordingly, and create timely and relevant content.

Social media intelligence tools & methods

Social media intelligence is a broad field, and there are several ways to work with it. However, most companies and social media marketers use a tool to facilitate the process of monitoring, moderating, collecting, and analyzing everything that happens on their social media channels. 

When choosing a social media intelligence platform, it's crucial to evaluate how well it will facilitate your business's unique processes. For example, there's a difference between how advanced tools and their features are. Things that set them apart could be AI technology, which data sources are included, real-time alerts and notifications, and analytical insights. 

Here are a few must-haves to get the most out of SOCMINT: 

  • A unified platform able to gather and visualize data and insights from several social media channels
  • Sentiment analysis, ideally powered by advanced AI techniques
  • A streamlined process of monitoring and managing comments and conversations. Remember that a SOCMINT tool should also be a social listening tool.
  • Information about audience demographics and user behaviors
  • Content performance overview

There are also some free tools available on some social media networks. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter integrated tools provide a few features that facilitate SOCMINT. However, they're only covering limited data for the specific platform, which requires much manual work when comparing data and puzzling the overall picture together. Additionally, there's a risk you'll miss out on in-depth insights since the free options only cover the basics. 

Explore the benefits of social media intelligence with BrandBastion 

BrandBastion is a powerful social media intelligence tool that empowers businesses to analyze and optimize their social media conversations. With advanced AI capabilities, it provides real-time sentiment analysis for each comment, allowing businesses to understand the overall sentiment of their audience and respond effectively.

The tool offers powerful filtering options to analyze engagement based on campaigns, keywords, posts, language, and more. This enables businesses to identify trends, patterns, and key insights related to their social media content and campaigns, helping them make data-driven decisions.


BrandBastion's integrated platform supports popular social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. It provides automated notifications for spikes in comment volume, keyword mentions, and negative sentiment, allowing businesses to stay ahead of potential issues and seize emerging opportunities.


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