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How To Set Up Community Guidelines On Social Media

When was the last time you updated your community guidelines and social media moderation policies? With “hate speech” and “fake news” being buzzwords of the day, perhaps it’s time to think about how t...

5 Ideas to Drive Inclusive Engagement [+ IWD '21 Brand Examples]

From challenge comes change. BrandBastion team members from all across the world joined the #ChooseToChallenge campaign to celebrate #IWD2021.

7 Resolutions For Social Media Marketers in 2021

2020 was a challenging year for social media marketers. We could have never predicted all that would transpire in 2020, so from one week to the other, we were left throwing our planned calendars out t...

How to Respond to Online Hate Speech: A Guide from BrandBastion

Although we’ve all encountered it at some point in our lives, hate speech can be challenging to define. Because there is no international legal definition of the term, even the characterization of wha...

Fan-Based Engagement Strategy: Maximizing Word of Mouth Marketing

How Brands Can Leverage Positive Comments on Social Media From Fans Positivity sells, and it’s a powerful marketing resource and customer engagement strategy. But the love left on your posts by fans h...

How To Increase Customer Engagement With Facebook Groups

Actionable tips and ideas on how brands can improve customer engagement on Facebook In 2017, Facebook groups became a central part of Facebook’s new mission to "bring the world closer together". Accor...

How to Get Verified on Instagram

For the longest time, Instagram users have searched the web to find information on how to get officially verified. Sources attempting to show users how to get verified were vague, directing users to e...

How To Manage Your Instagram Engagement As A Beauty Brand

With its visual nature, Instagram has become a powerful channel for the beauty industry. Currently beauty brands receive the most interactions on Instagram, compared to all others. Benefitting from a ...

6 Skills Top Social Media Managers Will Need in 2016

It is a fact that social media managers need a variety of skills to get the job done. This fast paced and ever changing role requires evolving skills every year.

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