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7 min read

This Type of Content on Social Media Can Be Harmful to Your Brand

With the announcement of Facebook’s core focus area of 2018, the question of the quality of social media content, campaigns, and comments is more relevant than ever. One of the ways brands can easily ...

9 min read

What Does the Youtube Ads Crisis Mean For Facebook Advertisers?

In a surprising twist of events, YouTube managed to find itself in hot water not once, but twice in 2017. This time, it was discovered that many of the videos of children performing normal activities ...

3 min read

A Swiss Defamation Case Sets the Standards for Online Accountability

No longer can a person go online and post hateful comments and derogatory statements anonymously. What you say online follows you and it is not forgotten. A Swiss man learned this lesson the hard way ...

3 min read

How to Prepare for a Trump PR Crisis

Companies can face all sorts of crises from financial to technological, but it now seems that 2017 has created a new category: the Trump crisis.

6 min read

6 Fake News Stories That Shocked the World in 2016

Last week, Facebook announced some of the first steps they’ll be taking to combat hoaxes and fake news within the Facebook News Feed. These steps included easier reporting, flagging stories as dispute...

2 min read

The Marketeer's Out of Office Checklist

The holidays are here and that means everyone is in high gear until it’s time to take that much needed time off. But what needs to be done before leaving the office for vacation?  

6 min read

4 Common Scam Attempts on Social Media Uncovered

In today’s world we expect to get everything from social media and with 2.3 billion+ active social media users globally, this is only increasing in convenience and norm. We comfortably rent other peop...

6 min read

Two Things Brands Need to Know When Advertising on Instagram

A few weeks ago Instagram announced that there are 500,000 active advertisers on its platform. Furthermore, 1.5 million businesses have converted to a business profile since the launch of Instagram Bu...

2 min read

YouTube Launches Heroes Program

YouTube recently rolled out its Heroes Program that offers incentives for users to report videos that violate the site’s guidelines. The scheme also enables users to earn points for taking actions tha...

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