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YouTube Launches Heroes Program

  • by: Jenny Wolfram
  • On: 30, Sep 2016
2 min read
2 min read

YouTube Launches Heroes Program

YouTube recently rolled out its Heroes Program that offers incentives for users to report videos that violate the site’s guidelines. The scheme also enables users to earn points for taking actions tha...

4 min read

7 Examples of Social Media Crisis: What Can We Learn?

No matter how long you’ve been working in social media without issue, the day may arrive when something goes wrong. One of the ways to prepare for a crisis is to know what other brands have done to ov...

3 min read

Why Involving The Legal Team In Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

While you might not be aware that your legal team should be involved in your social media efforts, it is important for any brand to be implementing their team in this way in order to prevent any poten...

5 min read

4 Reasons Why Facebook's Keyword Moderation Blocklist Is Not Enough

Back in 2011 Facebook released a Moderation Blocklist, a functionality that allows page administrators to define certain keywords that they want hidden from their page. Within a few seconds of posting...

3 min read

TechCrunch Comments Moderation Now Powered by BrandBastion

  We are excited to announce that as of June 1, 2016, TechCrunch has started using BrandBastion to power the comments moderation all across its website. All articles on TechCrunch will now be protecte...

3 min read

Recruitment and Social Media - How Harmful Content Makes Talent Run

Social media is increasingly becoming the platform through which companies find and attract new talent. Recent surveys show that 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media and 93% o...

6 min read

Brand Impersonation on Social Media – Its Forms and Its Threats

Brand impersonation takes place when an impostor creates a page or an account on social media pretending to be a brand, using the account to gain confidence of trusting consumers or to conduct other a...

3 min read

Protecting Luxury Brand-value on Social Media

Experiences are one of the most essential components of luxury brand management. To have a high brand-value, brands need to create complete experiential luxury that pulls the “few and selected” toward...

3 min read

Feminist Blogger Received 157 Defamatory Tweets within One Week

Anita Sarkeesian, a popular blogger and critic, posted 157 abusive tweets displaying the amount of defamatory comments she receives on a daily basis. Sarkeesian, who runs the Feminist Frequency, is an...

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