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5/2/18 7:51 AM5 min read

Adidas Goes After Counterfeit Sellers on Instagram

The recent lawsuit filed by the sports brand and its subsidiary, Reebok, against 53 ...
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3/1/18 3:14 PM5 min read

Why Kicking Out Counterfeit Crooks on Instagram Is So Important

This article was originally published by BrandBastion CEO Jenny Wolfram on ...
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3/1/18 3:06 PM5 min read

How Silicon Valley Is Stepping Up in the Online Terror Takedown

This article was originally published by BrandBastion CEO Jenny Wolfram in Adweek.
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1/23/18 10:24 PM6 min read

9 Social Media Mistakes To Watch Out For When Running Ads

Putting together big marketing campaigns is not an easy task, be it for a new product ...
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1/8/18 2:42 PM6 min read

What Does the Youtube Ads Crisis Mean For Facebook Advertisers?

In a surprising twist of events, YouTube managed to find itself in hot water not once, ...
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7/7/17 7:31 AM1 min read

A Swiss Defamation Case Sets the Standards for Online Accountability

No longer can a person go online and post hateful comments and derogatory statements ...
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3/17/17 2:10 PM2 min read

Do You Know What Is Being Said On Your Facebook Ads?

As Facebook proceeds to drive organic reach into oblivion, advertisers continue to invest ...
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1/10/17 9:38 AM3 min read

How Counterfeit Sellers Are Hijacking Luxury Brands on Instagram

The shift to digital for luxury brands has lead to both great opportunities and risks. ...
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12/22/16 10:04 AM2 min read

How HR Mistakes Can Grow Into Social Media Nightmares

Social media has greatly changed the human resources industry. In fact, one might say ...
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