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10 min read

What Marketers Can Learn from Gillette’s “The Best A Man Can Get” Ad

It’s only been slightly over a week since Gillette’s ad, which touched on topics related to #MeToo and toxic masculinity, was released. But the backlash has been fast and furious. Within hours, the ad...

6 min read

Three Social Media All-Stars of 2018

As another new year begins, brands are already hard at work to find themselves at the top of consumers’ minds. How can social media be leveraged? What will receive the most engagement? What worked las...

9 min read

Web Summit 2018 Lisbon: Days 3 and 4 Highlights

After a very exciting first two days at Web Summit Lisbon 2018, which gathered over 70,000 people in the capital of Portugal, including 31,000 Women in Tech, #BrandBastioneer Carina Miranda continues ...

7 min read

Brand Marketing Summit 2018: 'Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive'

For this year's Brand Marketing Summit, the Incite Group made the bold statement "Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive." We were privileged to catch some great talks from leaders in marketing for so...

10 min read

Web Summit 2018 Lisbon: Days 1 and 2 Highlights

Conference season is in full swing, and just several weeks after Advertising Week New York and Incite's Brand Marketing Summit in New York, we head to Europe - specifically Lisbon - for the annual #We...

4 min read

Facebook Launches Ads for Stories: The Rise of the Story Format

Once upon a time, Snapchat was seen as a niche Millennial social networking platform.

13 min read

Advertising Alcohol on Social Media: The Marketer's Cheat Sheet

The subject of alcohol advertising has always been a hotly debated one, especially since studies have been able to demonstrate a correlation between the advertising of alcoholic beverages and increase...

1 min read

Alcohol Instagram Marketing 2018 Insights Report

With stricter advertising policies and evolving customer preferences for more premium, healthy, and low-calorie drink options, alcohol brands need to keep up with changing trends to ensure their adver...

6 min read

5 Things Growth Companies Can Learn From Amazon

BrandBastion’s Top 5 Takeaways from the AWS Summit 2018 Earlier this month, the team at BrandBastion joined attendees at the AWS Summit Stockholm 2018 to learn, be inspired, and connect with others in...

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