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Crystal Cha6/18/18 8:29 AM< 1 min read

Alcohol Instagram Marketing 2018 Insights Report

With stricter advertising policies and evolving customer preferences for more premium, healthy, and low-calorie drink options, alcohol brands need to keep up with changing trends to ensure their advertising stays relevant. We analyzed over 10,300 comments from 26 alcohol ads on social media to understand what brands in this space can learn.

Focusing on the industry's big players, the report highlights situations on social media which are occurring at scale. Engagement data has been considered from major brands such as: 

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Highlights of the report 

  • For the alcohol category, positive experiences with the product itself are what drives the overwhelming majority of positive comments on brands’ ads.
  • Negative comments are focused on a mixture of products perceived to be poor quality and advertising creative that is perceived as inappropriate (e.g. advertising to those below legal age).
  • We observed significant customer confusion over ingredients used in the ads that were mistaken for / associated with illicit substances.


To view this free report, click the link below. 


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