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12/13/16 8:13 AM< 1 min read

7 Viral Holiday Video Campaigns Worth Rewatching

The holiday season sees the biggest ad budgets of the year, and thus the most creative ...
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12/8/16 7:58 AM7 min read

17 Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2017

As marketers we must constantly be evolving and staying up-to-date on the latest industry ...
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11/21/16 5:39 AM1 min read

Beauty Brands on Instagram: Challenges and Opportunities

With 500 million active monthly users, up-and-coming social platform Instagram is a ...
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11/4/16 6:20 AM4 min read

4 Common Scam Attempts on Social Media Uncovered

In today’s world we expect to get everything from social media and with 2.3 billion+ ...
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11/3/16 11:26 AM3 min read

Two Things Brands Need to Know When Advertising on Instagram

A few weeks ago Instagram announced that there are 500,000 active advertisers on its ...
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9/30/16 11:00 AM1 min read

YouTube Launches Heroes Program

YouTube recently rolled out its Heroes Program that offers incentives for users to report ...
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9/13/16 3:46 AM2 min read

5 Proven Strategies to Successfully Promote Your Social Media Content

Creating great content is a significant part of social media management, but in order for ...
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9/6/16 3:38 AM2 min read

Complete Checklist on How to Improve Your Customer Service on Twitter

Twitter is an important platform for customer service, since many customers use it as an ...
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8/10/16 11:04 AM2 min read

Why Involving The Legal Team In Your Social Media Marketing Efforts?

While you might not be aware that your legal team should be involved in your social media ...
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