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6/1/18 12:04 PM6 min read

How Comments Can Affect Conversions on Social Media

It is well established that reviews left under products on eCommerce sites can have a ...
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5/25/18 8:15 AM4 min read

How the Biggest Beauty Brand on Instagram Drives Performance

Jenny Wolfram, CEO and Founder of BrandBastion, sat down with Christina Peirona to ...
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5/3/18 6:59 AM4 min read

QSR Magazine: 3 Ways Fast-Food Brands Can Win on Social Media

This article was originally published on QSR Magazine. While a bigger digital budget may ...
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4/25/18 2:03 PM5 min read

How Beauty Subscription Brands Can Improve Social Engagement

We analyzed ads from beauty box brand Ipsy to learn how beauty startups can best manage ...
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4/13/18 10:55 AM4 min read

What QSR Brands Need to Know When Advertising on Social Media

With an estimated 50 million people dining at over 200,000 fast food restaurants in the ...
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1/22/18 11:18 PM4 min read

3 Things You Can Learn From Listening to Social Comments

These days, a single successful ad campaign can garner thousands of social comments. ...
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5/31/17 9:54 AM7 min read

How To Manage Your Instagram Engagement As A Beauty Brand

With its visual nature, Instagram has become a powerful channel for the beauty industry. ...
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3/17/17 2:10 PM2 min read

Do You Know What Is Being Said On Your Facebook Ads?

As Facebook proceeds to drive organic reach into oblivion, advertisers continue to invest ...
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1/19/17 9:17 AM2 min read

What Happened to Your Paid Posts While No One Was Looking?

Over the holiday season, many social media and community managers have the privilege of ...
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