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Crystal Cha6/8/18 9:55 AM5 min read

Apparel Brands Winning at Instagram Marketing and How

Instagram has developed into an outright necessity for the fashion industry, especially brands & designers engaging in e-commerce sales. As the platform introduces new features, major players are constantly tweaking and adapting their strategies to stay on top. Here are some examples of apparel brands who are pulling out all the stops and doing things #instagood. 

Instagram apparel brands



Lululemon Instagram 2

Lululemon may not have as huge of a following as other active wear brands out there, but their following is highly engaged. They have achieved the kind of cult status in communities worldwide, especially among yogis, that brands dream of achieving - their customers are their biggest brand ambassadors.

Why we love them:

They actively listen and respond to customer feedback! Their social team is empowered to respond to customer comments with highly detailed, personalized feedback.


Fan 1: Do you carry shorts (hopefully 7”) with a side pocket big enough for a phone??

Lululemon: @Fan1 Our current longest women's short is a 4", Katherine—but we'll be sure to pass your feedback along, as well as the pocket request, to our Women's Design team.

Fan 2: Question, do they have a tight band at the top or are they like the align crop!? Comment, I had an issue with a pair of pants today and have to say the service i received through your super easy online chat was so refreshing!! Thanks Nicole!

Lululemon: @Fan2 These gems feature a waistband that lies flat against your skin and won't dig in, but will offer more support and compression than the Align Crop. We're thrilled to hear your live chat experience was a great one!

Fan 3: @lululemon why so expensive? I mean, I love it, but it’s so expensive I only get it for Christmas

Lululemon: @Fan3 It takes hundreds of hours of meticulous tailoring to create gear that fits and performs. We promise, no shortcuts.

Fan 4: Just got! Love it 😍. Hooked on the tie backs now to teach in. 👊. #lululemonminions

Lululemon: @Fan4 Music to our ears—which colour are you rocking?


H&M Instagram 2
Affordable fast fashion brand H&M keeps it real by showcasing images of their clothing via regramming fans, instead of filling their profile with airbrushed model shots. Their customer service team also actively responds with information about which specific store outlet to find specific sizes of products in - pretty impressive considering they have over 4,000 stores worldwide!

Why we love them:

They make the customer the star (and maybe save a couple bucks on photoshoots!) by predominantly using regrams to showcase their latest products. They actively engage and provide product information that is highly specific and detailed.


Fan 1: Hi there! Is it available in London, Uk? How can I buy it, where or what’s its code? Thanks
Hm: @Fan1 Hello, the code for this item is - 0676091009 however its currently not available online at the moment. We can check stores in London for you if you let us know what size you are looking for. Have a wonderful day!

Fan 2: @hm hi! I am looking for Eur 36 🌿 thank you!
Hm: @Fan 2 Hi there, this item is available in this size in Regent street, Oxford Circus, Oxford Street, Kensington High Street and Brixton.
Fan 2: @hm thank you!!!


Aerie Instagram 2

Aerie has been building an online community around the body positivity movement for some time now. They made waves when they became the first intimates and swimwear brand to feature models and everyday women with zero retouching. Their efforts quickly multiplied organically, with the hashtag #aerieREAL being used to share 112,509 posts (excluding private posts), and that number keeps growing!

Why we love them:

Building a community around a social cause that is bigger than the brand is a great way for a brand to express its personality and what it stands for. It also expands the conversation beyond just products, which enables brands to understand what customers really think, feel, and are motivated by.



Abercrombie & Fitch

Abercrombie Instagram 2

Abercrombie & Fitch sells more than just clothes - it sells a lifestyle. Their creatives feature people wearing their apparel set against beautiful, sweeping, exotic vistas from all around the world.

Why we love them:

Their customer service is active and responsive, and while they engage their community by reposting customer pictures, they do it in a highly selective and curated way, showcasing not only their customers’ style and clothing, but artistic travel images at the same time.


abercrombie @fan1 Hi there! The top is our Scoopneck Tee in off white, and the shorts are our Belted High-Rise shorts in light seafoam green! You can see if they are available in your region by searching on!

abercrombie @fan2 Hi there! On our size chart, an extra small is sizes 0-2, so this may be the best size for you. You can view your exact size in inches and centimeters on our size chart at!

abercrombie @fan3 This bag is unavailable, but the great news is that you can see all of our bags available in your area by searching on! Make sure to grab your favorites while supplies last!

How to step up to the mark

Out of Instagram's 500 million active daily users, 80% are under thirty years old. Younger, tech-savvy consumers expect great, responsive service and the ability to communicate and engage with their favorite brands.

The challenge is how to meet these expectations without hiring an army of community managers to monitor Instagram feeds around the clock.

The BrandBastion solution empowers customer service teams to improve conversations with their most demanding consumer segment, making 100% response rates easily achievable. Without pouring money into H.R., it is possible to enforce the procedures displayed by the companies above, at scale. Want to know more about how brands such as Netflix and MAC Cosmetics have improved customer sentiment across the board? Feel free to reach out for more information.


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