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Top Challenges Faced by Delivery Apps When Advertising on Social Media

  • by: Georgiana Stefanoaei
  • On: 10, Oct 2018
2 min read
2 min read

Top Challenges Faced by Delivery Apps When Advertising on Social Media

The on-demand economy is thriving. Customers today expect to get what they want, with one simple click. To meet this growing demand, on-demand delivery platforms across all kinds of verticals have pop...

Will Smith at AdWeek on the Power and Problem of User-Generated Comments

Many influencers on social media use these platforms as a way to grow a following and hopefully make it big in Hollywood some day. Will Smith is a personality who has gone in exactly the opposite dire...

2 min read

BrandBastion & – Measuring Brand Sentiment on Social

This case study was first published at

7 min read

One Simple Way to Retain Subscribers and Keep Them Happy

What is the one simple thing that can: Increase positive sentiment towards your brand by 260%, Decrease churn by 15%, Increase profits? The answer: Social media comment management.

4 min read

How to Get Verified on Instagram

For the longest time, Instagram users have searched the web to find information on how to get officially verified. Sources attempting to show users how to get verified were vague, directing users to e...

6 min read

What’s in Your Restaurant's Social Media Playbook?

This article was first published in QSR Magazine.

1 min read

How TechCrunch Enabled Real Conversations

In 2014, most of the the world’s biggest publishers abandoned onsite comments due to abuse by trolls, spammers, and scammers. These types of harmful comments were causing tremendous noise and distract...

1 min read

Free Guide: How to Effectively Manage Engagement and Comments on Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads arm advertisers with the power to promote large inventories at scale, which in turn, drives higher ROAS.

5 min read

Ad Transparency Comes to Facebook and Twitter

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, social media platforms have been pressured to provide greater ad transparency. With the significant role that subtle, micro-targeted political advertising enabled b...

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