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Facebook Announces it is Testing a Keyword Snooze Feature to Prevent Spoilers and Triggers

When Facebook rolled out its snooze feature enabling users to block out posts from Pages and other users that they did not want to see, many people breathed a sigh of relief. Now, it is taking that sn...

12 min read

Advertising Alcohol on Social Media: The Marketer's Cheat Sheet

The subject of alcohol advertising has always been a hotly debated one, especially since studies have been able to demonstrate a correlation between the advertising of alcoholic beverages and increase...

1 min read

Alcohol Instagram Marketing 2018 Insights Report

With stricter advertising policies and evolving customer preferences for more premium, healthy, and low-calorie drink options, alcohol brands need to keep up with changing trends to ensure their adver...

8 min read

Preparing for the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity 2018

The Cannes Lions Festival is just around the corner - read on to find out what to expect this year and how to prepare for the festival!   Cannes Lions Dates This year's Cannes Lions Festival begins on...

5 min read

5 Things Growth Companies Can Learn From Amazon

BrandBastion’s Top 5 Takeaways from the AWS Summit 2018 Earlier this month, the team at BrandBastion joined attendees at the AWS Summit Stockholm 2018 to learn, be inspired, and connect with others in...

1 min read

Ice Cream Advertising on Social Media

With the rise of diabetes and growing awareness of lactose-intolerance and veganism, consumers are demanding healthier ice cream options. The industry is rapidly changing, and with it, the way ice cre...

1 min read

Hate Speech in the Gaming Community and Social Media

Hate speech, doxxing, flaming, trolling, and generally socially unacceptable communication has become so ingrained in many game communities that most users take it as a given, accepting it with an unh...

14 min read

Q&A: In Conversation With The Biggest Beauty Brand on Instagram

The former ED of Global Consumer Marketing for MAC Cosmetics, Christina Peirona, shares her thoughts on engaging a global influencer network, how listening to consumers on social led to the creation o...

1 min read

Marketing Apparel on Instagram: An Exclusive Study

BrandBastion, an official Instagram partner, has released a new study revealing modern day issues surrounding apparel advertising on Instagram. By pulling in and classifying user engagement posted on ...

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