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6 min read

Bullying On Brand Facebook Pages - What To Do and Why Brands Should Care

Is there such a thing as social media bullying? There is, even though most people will know it by the name of cyber bullying.

2 min read

New Law in Northern Europe Requires Restaurants to Remove Comments Mentioning Alcohol on Facebook

Finland in Northern Europe has recently passed a law that will require all restaurants, nightclubs and cafés on Facebook to remove any comments promoting or even mentioning beer or other types of alco...

3 min read

How Soon Is Soon Enough When Responding to Comments on Facebook?

“24% of American Internet users 12+ who have contacted a brand in social media, expect a reply within 30 minutes, regardless of when contact was made”. Credit: Convince and Convert

Why Moderate Comments on Your Facebook Page?

4 min read

6 Key Factors to Consider When Outsourcing Your Social Media Moderation


3 min read

3 Ways Vandalistic Content Kills Your Facebook Ad Performance

4 min read

4 Reasons Why You Should Take Control of Your Facebook Page

Social media may at times feel like a wild road crossing with things changing and moving a 100 miles an hour. This is partly true, but there are also many social media platforms out there that provide...

1 min read

10 Facebook Facts Every Brand Should Know [Infographic]


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