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The Marketeer's Out of Office Checklist

  • by: BrandBastion
  • On: 16, Dec 2016
3 min read

The holidays are here and that means everyone is in high gear until it’s time to take that much needed time off. But what needs to be done before leaving the office for vacation?


1. Set up an automatic response email

First things first, let the world know you'll be taking some much needed R&R with an automatic response email or an away message. Be sure to create different responses for internal and external senders and list the appropriate points of contact in your absence.


2. Send reminders to co-workers

2+ weeks in advance of your vacation send your team and other important stakeholders a calendar invite for the dates of your vacation. Then, 2 days in advance send an email reminding them of your upcoming time off, and include your OOO document.


3. Prepare an out of office (OOO) document

Your OOO document should outline coverage, points of contact, deliverables and any background information needed in order for your co-workers to continue moving forward in your absence. Schedule a meeting the day before your departure to review the document with key stakeholders.


4. Update your calendar

Be sure to block off the dates of your vacation on your calendar(s) and mark as "busy." Also, don't forget to reschedule any recurring meetings for after your return.


5. Clean out your inbox

Delete any unnecessary emails and file other emails into folders or archives - there's nothing like the feeling of joy when "you've reach email zero" pops on your screen. Plus, you don't want senders to receive any hard bounces if your inbox fills up while you're away.


6. Plan for your return 

Book a catch-up meeting with your co-workers who will provide coverage while you're away. Though it's probably best to keep your first day back open for time to sort through emails and mentally prepare for the transition back into work.


7. Keep things moving

It's possible to keep things moving forward even while you're away from your desk. For example, social media team members can schedule posts to be sent out using tools such as Hootsuite or Buffer, and BrandBastion can monitor your posts to remove harmful content, respond on your behalf and escalate when something requires urgent attention 24/7 in real-time.


Want to learn more about how BrandBastion can help prepare you for your time out of the office? Get in touch to learn about our moderation service. 


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