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7 min read

Deleting Comments Can Trigger Backlash: Here's Why Hiding is Smarter

Here’s Why Hiding Comments on Facebook and Other Social Platforms is a Better Move There are a lot of things that can end up on your social media ads that are damaging. Rude comments, lewd comments an...

11 min read

What Dating Apps Marketing on Social Media Need to Know

From fraud prevention, to community safety, and the protection of personal information; these are the three common challenges faced by dating apps marketing on social Dating apps are maturing in usage...

14 min read

How to Drive Customer Journeys with YouTube Videos

Why and how brands can use YouTube videos more strategically In this post, we explore the role that YouTube is playing in customer journeys, how some global brands are leveraging YouTube via ads and r...

15 min read

4 Social Messaging Platforms to Explore in 2020

How Brands Can Leverage Social Messaging Platforms to Drive Sales and Loyalty If you’re like me, you probably have hundreds or thousands (I have 11,147) unread emails in your personal inbox. With the ...

8 min read

Handling Customer Complaints at Scale on Social Media: Tips and Best Practices

Customer complaints. They’re the type of comment no brand wants to see on its social media ads. Yet, customers are voicing out their displeasure on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Such public posts ...

4 min read

Specialized Comment Management Vs. Basic Filtering Tools

Removing harmful comments, reacting promptly to threats, and providing a great customer experience on social media is increasingly important in achieving both brand and performance goals. When it come...

9 min read

#KindComments: What Are Brands Doing to Curb Online Bullying and is it Enough?

Instagram and other platforms have made strides to make their platforms safer for users. Brands have also started paying attention to the need to protect their fans and customers. But is there a gap i...

1 min read

How TechCrunch Enabled Real Conversations

In 2014, most of the the world’s biggest publishers abandoned onsite comments due to abuse by trolls, spammers, and scammers. These types of harmful comments were causing tremendous noise and distract...

How the Biggest Beauty Brand on Instagram Drives Performance

Jenny Wolfram, CEO and Founder of BrandBastion, sat down with Christina Peirona to discuss best social media practices and how to harness influencers at Social Media Week New York. This article was or...

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