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9 min read

How to Handle Profanity and Negative Comments on Social Media

Is all profanity created equal? For brands on social media, the answer is most likely no. Brand safety today is a major concern for advertisers spending millions in online advertising. As the concern ...

8 min read

Why You Should Hide Vs Delete Facebook Comments: Deleting Comments Can Trigger Backlash

Here’s Why Hiding Comments on Social Platforms is a Better Move There are a lot of things that can end up on your social media ads that are damaging. Rude comments, lewd comments, and competitor promo...

11 min read

What Dating Apps Marketing on Social Media Need to Know

From fraud prevention to community safety, and the protection of personal information; these are the three common challenges faced by dating apps marketing on social Dating apps are maturing in usage....

5 min read

Specialized Comment Management Vs. Basic Filtering Tools

Removing harmful comments, reacting promptly to threats, and providing a great customer experience on social media is increasingly important in achieving both brand and performance goals. When it come...

10 min read

#KindComments: What Are Brands Doing to Curb Online Bullying?

Instagram and other platforms have made strides to make their platforms safer for users. Brands have also started paying attention to the need to protect their fans and customers. But is there a gap i...

5 min read

Ad Transparency Comes to Facebook and Twitter

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, social media platforms have been pressured to provide greater ad transparency. With the significant role that subtle, micro-targeted political advertising enabled b...

Facebook Is Testing a Keyword Snooze Feature to Prevent Spoilers

When Facebook rolled out its snooze feature enabling users to block out posts from Pages and other users that they did not want to see, many people breathed a sigh of relief. Now, it is taking that sn...

2 min read

Hate Speech in the Gaming Community and Social Media

Hate speech, doxxing, flaming, trolling, and generally socially unacceptable communication has become so ingrained in many game communities that most users take it as a given, accepting it with an unh...

12 min read

The 8 Most Common Problems With Social Ads

Prevention is better than cure.

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