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How To Increase Customer Engagement with Facebook Groups

  • by: Victor Alagbe
  • On: 3, Jan 2020
14 min read
14 min read

How To Increase Customer Engagement with Facebook Groups

Actionable tips and ideas on how brands can improve customer engagement on Facebook In 2017, Facebook groups became a central part of Facebook’s new mission to "bring the world closer together". Accor...

5 min read

3 Things You Can Learn From Listening to Social Comments

These days, a single successful ad campaign can garner thousands of social comments. These comments range from positive and negative reactions to suggestions, questions about products and features, an...

1 min read

Infographic: What Top Beauty Brands Are Doing On Instagram


4 min read

Do You Know What Is Being Said On Your Facebook Ads?

As Facebook proceeds to drive organic reach into oblivion, advertisers continue to invest more into paid engagement. Ad spending on Facebook has been increasing by 74% (!) year over year. eMarketer fo...

4 min read

What Happened to Your Paid Posts While No One Was Looking?

  Over the holiday season, many social media and community managers have the privilege of taking time off from their normal routine of posting, moderating and responding to comments on social media ch...

3 min read

Complete Checklist on How to Improve Your Customer Service on Twitter

Twitter is an important platform for customer service, since many customers use it as an immediate way to reach out to a brand whenever they face an issue with their product or service.

5 min read

11 Social Media Tactics To Help Your Brand Stand Out In 2016

4 min read

How Increasing Facebook Mobile Usage Is Changing Engagement Trends

Clearly, Facebook is still the dominant social network. When you consider that Facebook has 18 times as many users as its nearest competitor, and on a monthly basis, 1.31 billion of them are active on...

4 min read

6 Skills Top Social Media Managers Will Need in 2016

It is a fact that social media managers need a variety of skills to get the job done. This fast paced and ever changing role requires evolving skills every year.

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