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How To Increase Customer Engagement With Facebook Groups

Actionable tips and ideas on how brands can improve customer engagement on Facebook In 2017, Facebook groups became a central part of Facebook’s new mission to "bring the world closer together". Accor...

5 min read

From Town Hall to Living Room Conversations

The evolution of Facebook engagement is coming full circle Imagine customers calling your company hotline just to say “I love your product!” or copying your customer service agents into an email threa...

7 min read

How Social Media Comments Impact Sales: 14 Important Stats

If you’ve worked with social media before, you probably already know that negative comments and unchecked trolling and spamming hurts brands and sales. But quantifying that impact can be a little hard...

4 min read

A New Way to Measure Brand Favorability in Real-Time

By Christine Göös, Head of Content at Note: This post was originally published on the blog How can brand advertisers measure favorability and understand what content is resonatin...

3 min read

Holiday Season: Benefits of Managing Facebook Ad Comments Effectively

Comments can be utilized to identify new sales opportunities, provide better customer service, assess the impact of campaigns, prevent public relations incidents, and understand perception of products...

7 min read

Brand Marketing Summit 2018: 'Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive'

For this year's Brand Marketing Summit, the Incite Group made the bold statement "Marketing is Dead: Engagement is Alive." We were privileged to catch some great talks from leaders in marketing for so...

2 min read

How to Effectively Manage Engagement and Comments on Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads arm advertisers with the power to promote large inventories at scale, which in turn, drives higher ROAS.

1 min read

Alcohol Instagram Marketing 2018 Insights Report

With stricter advertising policies and evolving customer preferences for more premium, healthy, and low-calorie drink options, alcohol brands need to keep up with changing trends to ensure their adver...

1 min read

Ice Cream Advertising on Social Media

With the rise of diabetes and growing awareness of lactose-intolerance and veganism, consumers are demanding healthier ice cream options. The industry is rapidly changing, and with it, the way ice cre...

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