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4/19/21 6:48 AM8 min read

Why Comments Matter to PR Teams

Comments indicate more than your PR team might suppose. They can help you avoid and ...
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3/31/21 11:24 AM6 min read

How To Set Up Community Guidelines On Social Media

Update your community guidelines and social media moderation policies When was the last ...
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3/23/21 10:18 AM8 min read

Why Comments Matter in the E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce is all about online activity, from the buying and selling of goods to the ...
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3/10/21 6:55 AM7 min read

5 Ideas to Drive Inclusive Engagement [+ IWD '21 Brand Examples]

From challenge comes change. BrandBastion team members from all across the world joined ...
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2/1/21 1:23 PM5 min read

7 Tips to Spread Love This Valentine's Day on Social [+Best Campaigns]

Valentine's Day is all about giving, but brands are bound to receive some love in return ...
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12/7/20 5:28 AM7 min read

Boost Your Online Presence with a New Year, New Me Mindset

Fitness, health, education, and self-improvement businesses ring in the new year with an ...
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9/30/20 10:13 AM4 min read

Holiday Advertising 2020: What You Need To Know (+ Free Kit)

In the e-commerce industry, holiday sales, on average, account for 30% of sales for the ...
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3/25/20 7:03 AM13 min read

Responding On Social Media During Times of Crisis

The unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) presents an unusual ...
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2/21/20 8:30 AM8 min read

How Top Challenger Brands Are Winning on Social Media

Insights on Challenger Brand Marketing Strategies that Work In July 2019, the Interactive ...
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