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Boost Your Online Presence with a New Year, New Me Mindset

  • by: Cassidy Armbruster
  • On: 7, Dec 2020
31 min read


Fitness, health, education, and self-improvement businesses ring in the new year with an influx of new customers, new members, and new subscribers wanting to build better versions of themselves.


These industries may inevitably thrive during the post-holiday months, but why not go the extra mile to ensure that these new customers become loyal customers? According to research conducted by Strava, most people quit their resolutions by January 12th, meaning quite often, resolutions have an expiration date. This article provides business insights to keep those language learners on track and to help the new gym members reach their long-term goals so that their New Year's resolution becomes a new mindset! By the way, who said the new year, new me mindset was just for consumers?


How to grow your business with a new year, new me mindset:

Prioritize social media engagement

You're well versed in the importance of connecting with your audience, so there's no need to re-emphasize what's already on the table. There's also no need to reiterate how isolating and impactful 2020 has been because, well, you've lived it.

However, it's important to note the change in expectations and conversations resulting from such a year. You've been a part of the conversation stemmed from the US election regarding fake news and truth. You've been a part of a pandemic that sparked discussions the world never imagined having, such as, should our kids go to school virtually or in person? As a society, we have had the same discussions, but at different tables. Consumers will only expect more conversations in 2021. As the world looks towards a new year, we look back on a year that we don't want to repeat.

What will consumers expect in 2020?

  1. Silence fake news
  2. Be transparent in advertising
  3. Have conversations on social media

Start January off by strategizing how you will respond to consumers' evolving expectations in the new year by engaging with your audience at a new level.

  1. Prioritize social listening to know what is being said about your brand and its overall brand sentiment.
  2. Put resources into protecting your brand.
  3. Craft content that resonates and is relevant.
  4. Dedicate time to having meaningful conversations with consumers.

We can identify a general shift in tone and expectations, but every audience is different. There's no one-size-fits-all regarding how your followers' perceptions will change and evolve in the new year. Social listening is the key to learning where your audience stands. Click get started to claim your free report and discover what people are saying on your Facebook and Instagram ads and posts. Understand your brand sentiment, engagement opportunities, and moderation needs.

Get Started

Coursera lives up to its users' expectations by having honest and uplifting conversations on social media

Customer service is key

2021 will be shaped by the "four Cs" of covid: community, contactless, cleanliness, and compassion. The customer service team at your workplace is at the center of this. Discover how to make your internal processes more efficient and your offerings more personalized.

Make your processes more efficient:

According to Intercom's study, 46% of support leaders believe their current tech stack holds them back from achieving their goals. Take a moment to look into consolidating your tools.

Focusing on a proactive strategy might be essential to your success. Start by crafting content and FAQs that respond to consumers' needs so that they don't need to reach out to the support team.

Be aware that sometimes, no matter the content and resources you provide, your customers will reach out to your brand, and at scale. Recognize that a proactive strategy is necessary, but when people can say how they feel, when they feel it on social media, a reactive strategy is always relevant. Consider outsourcing your community management on social media to streamline and improve your customer service experience. Invest in solutions that alert you when something urgent needs your attention (e.g., broken links or spikes in negative sentiment). This way, your support team can focus on the most pressing issues.

How to build an online community in the new year:

  1. Leverage user-generated content by running a UGC social media campaign. This type of campaign will ideally build your brand's authenticity while gathering social proof. In doing a UGC campaign, it's crucial to track comments closely. Build community and show your followers that your brand cares by monitoring bullying and/or discriminatory comments.
  2. Consider featuring a loyal customer or member on your website or social media account each month and offer them a reward.
  3. Create an engaging YouTube channel to answer members' questions.
  4. Offer incentives for your customers to share their experiences on social.
  5. Reconsider your onboarding process! Whether you provide a service or product, make members feel special and at home with your brand.

LA Fitness creates a loyal community by producing content to keep gym members on their grind

So, what about the rest of us?

There's a vast amount of businesses that don't get scribbled onto new year's resolution lists. Opportunities to grow your business after the holiday months may not be plastered across your favorite blogs, but they are out there, and we will highlight them here! Just because you don't experience a business boom in January doesn't mean your business wouldn't benefit from a new year, new me mindset.

Post-holiday Retargeting is essential

How essential is retargeting?

Canva Design DAEPAINq0AM of consumers visiting a website are not yet ready to buy.

This means retargeting is important throughout the year to continually spread brand awareness, spark consideration, and eventually convert consumers. However, retargeting poses a more significant business opportunity after the holidays.

Why is retargeting so important after the holidays?

Consumers are searching for deals and discounts during the holiday months, meaning they are much more willing to share their information. According to a Deloitte survey, the top things consumers expect in exchange for sharing their personal information are promotions, discounts, and other offers. Be strategic and transparent in responding to consumer needs during the holiday months so you can further cater to them after the holiday highs with retargeting ads.

Indeed, many businesses see a decrease in spending in the post-holiday months. However, as a result of the pandemic, consumers will be browsing the internet more than ever. Use the contacts you gather during the holiday months for retargeting throughout January and February.

Retargeting tips to consider:

1. You no longer have to hope your content resonates! Deliver high-performing combinations of creatives with Facebook’s Dynamic Creative Ads. Note that comments have the power to make or break an ad campaign, and they are complicated to track when ad spend high manually. BrandBastion’s moderation and alerts tool protect ad spend and reacts swiftly to shifts in sentiment.

2. If you've got the budget, ring in the new year with your entire marketing funnel! Build the community they are searching for during the pandemic by bringing them in on your brand's experience.


Adopt a January Sales Perspective

Maybe January isn't your business's month when it comes to sales. You may not experience a rush of new customers or subscribers, but that doesn't imply sales opportunities don't exist.

In 2020, BMW built anticipation for the new year by inspiring consumers with a clean slate

Promote what's new

Whether you're an e-commerce site or a brick and mortar store, let customers know what's new! It's a new year, one where consumers, more than ever, want a fresh start and a fresh perspective. Inspire your audience this year by informing them about everything new, from products to services to trends.

January Sale

Consumers ring in the new year with savings and budgeting in mind after returning to work and splurging during the holiday season. Try responding to their needs by offering them a winter sale!

Coming Soon

Can you remember being a kid, watching movie trailers that finished with a voice that proclaimed: "coming soon to theaters near you." Why not play the same sales game? When there's nothing new in-store, it's time to put a lens on the future. Build anticipation for the coming months by letting consumers know what's to come!

Happy Holidays from BrandBastion 🎉

There are a plethora of reasons New Year’s resolutions tend to be short-lived, ranging from a lack of direction to a lack of organization to a lack of specification. However, the new year, new me mindset is a growth mindset. This mindset sees challenges as opportunities and takes action with intention. Follow our tips to turn your New Year’s customers into loyal customers. Good luck and Happy New Year!

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