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7 Tips to Spread Love This Valentine's Day on Social [+Best Campaigns]

  • by: Cassidy Armbruster
  • On: 1, Feb 2021
10 min read

Valentine's Day is all about giving, but brands are bound to receive some love in return in the form of comments, shares, and double clicks. ❤️

Research shows consumers will spend $21.8 Billion on Valentine's Day in 2021, meaning marketers shouldn't miss out on branding and advertising opportunities. The day's significance has evolved in recent years to mean celebrating love in all its forms- with our partners, pals, parents, and pets.

Check out some of the best 2021 Valentine's Day Campaigns

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Cuddle Clones offered customizable pajamas to celebrate the love between you and your pet. Moon Magic pushed for self-love this holiday; who needs a valentine when you can be your own? LoveBook pulled the romance card, offering customizable books that a partner could never forget.

Engage your social community through relatable content, romantic gestures, and loving conversations!  Check out our advertising and engagement tips to take advantage of this Valentine’s Day.

Advertising & Engagement Tips to Take Advantage of This Valentine’s Day

1) Enable conversations that convert

Be your customers’ valentine this year by starting meaningful conversations with them online. Talking with your audience in an engaging way will get them commenting and sharing. But don’t leave your followers hanging! Conversations can lead to conversions if user comments are responded to and dealt with care. Comments that show product interest, for example, provide your brand the opportunity to respond, moving them to the next stage in the buying funnel.

Brand Spotlight

Lovepop Cards got the conversation between love interests rolling. The brand encouraged people to drop a hint to their crush by sharing this Valentine’s Day card that read: “Send an out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars Valentine to your crush!” As seen in the comments section below, users began flirting, sharing, and sending love.

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2) Be the partner romantics want to see in the world

No partnership feels authentic, like a Valentine’s Day partnership, and consumers crave authenticity.

Brand Spotlight

Tinder and Homesick Candles didn’t leave anyone hanging on Valentine’s Day. They highlighted the best reasons to be single in a hilarious ad campaign titled “Single, Not Sorry.”

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3) There’s no date consumers love more than a delivery date

It’s gift shopping season, and this year, a great majority of Valentine’s Day presents will be ordered online. Make your dedication to secure delivery dates known by posting it on ads, pop-ups, emails, and your website. Be aware of your customers FAQs in the comments section of your social pages, as customers may be asking important questions regarding delivery dates. Monitor these discussions and ensure your brand is responding so that you can push those customers to the next stage in the buying funnel. 

Brand Spotlight

Godiva, the most indulgent gourmet chocolates, is a sought after brand during Valentine’s Day. The beloved chocolate brand is letting consumers know when to order their goods this year to be certain they get their gifts on time!

The Godiva brand kept the positivity rolling in the comments section by responding to user comments, even when fan comments were short and sweet! This type of brand-customer interaction garners more comments, as Godiva’s followers realize they could also be recognized and responded to!


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4) Gift Guides are a win-win for your brand and your customers

Who needs a little help picking out gifts? Make gift-choosing and gift-giving simple and easy with gift guides or collections. Consumers don’t have the patience to sit and browse your website, which is why it’s strategic to offer your customers Valentine’s Day collections and guides.

Brand Spotlight

The Bouqs Company has created the “One-Click Valentine’s Day Roses” for buyers in a rush as well as a Valentine’s Day bundle so that no gift-giver can pick the wrong bouquet.

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5) Never forget your roots

Valentine’s Day has certainly evolved in recent years, but romance will always be at its roots. Brands in the food and drink industry and the gifts and occasions industry certainly benefit from keeping the romance alive!

Brand Spotlight

In 2020, Kraft Macaroni & Cheese launched a “Kraft is for Lovers Campaign,” encouraging parents to buy the “big bowl” to get kids to bed early and to give parents a little extra alone time. 

"Want to get in some extra lovin' this Valentine's Day? Kraft Big Bowl Macaroni & Cheese is giving parents everything they need to get some uninterrupted Mommy-Daddy Time. " -Kraft

This year, Kraft is getting extra cheesy by giving out pink candy Macaroni and Cheese in a Valentine’s Day giveaway. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese never misses a chance to inspire people and make them smile. Below, the brand engaged with user comments and wished the contest participants luck!

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6) Hash out the #hashtag controversy

Much like Valentine’s Day has evolved, the use of hashtags has evolved, but the hashtag game certainly isn’t dead. Hashtags can be amazing for your brand’s growth, especially when used on ad creatives and social captions. Get your content in front of a bigger audience this year by using a couple of hashtags.

Brand Spotlight

The Bodyshop garnered traffic by using the hashtag #sendingakiss, which was woven into their 2020 campaign. Consumers were encouraged to send a kiss in their #sendingakiss campaign.

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7) Remember that everyone wants in on Valentine's Day

This has been a very tough year from an economic, personal, and professional standpoint for people around the world. If it’s in your budget, consider a special offer for your loyal customers this year. According to a National Retail Federation study, nearly 49% of consumers said they would spend more if they encountered a great sale or offer.

Brand Spotlight

Shutterfly went above and beyond consumer expectations this year by offering up to 50% off everything! The brand was also dedicated to ensuring the comments convert by responding to user inquiries in a fun and engaging way!

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Monitor Conversations in Your Brand's Comment Sections

Valentine's Day is a celebratory holiday for the Galentines, a romantic holiday for the Valentines, and a lucrative holiday for advertisers. No matter what strategy your brand implements, don't underestimate the importance of monitoring your comments and joining in on conversations on social media ads and organic posts. Doing so will boost your brand's engagement and make your consumers feel recognized, strengthening brand loyalty.

Monitoring comments can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when your ads are run at scale. BrandBastion’s Moderation and Alerts Solution monitors and moderates harmful comments received across ads and organic in real-time, 24/7. Our solution even issues alerts to problems such as typos or broken links on ads. BrandBastion’s Customer Engagement Solution responds to comments on your brand’s posts and ads to enable meaningful conversations and improve customer service. This improves overall engagement, increasing your return on ad spend, brand reputation, and brand loyalty.

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