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12/2/22 4:23 AM7 min read

5 Reasons Why Comments Matter on TikTok

(And How to Start Generating More Engagement!) TikTok is the latest channel that has ...
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11/25/22 6:36 AM3 min read

How Social Media Comments Impact Sales: 14 Important Stats

Social media has become a key channel for brand discovery and driving meaningful customer ...
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10/7/22 5:01 AM3 min read

How to Plan for the Holidays: The Smart Marketer's Social Media Guide

Social media is a crucial element of every marketing strategy, and this is especially ...
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11/8/21 9:15 AM8 min read

Why Social Media Comments Matter: 45 Surprising Statistics

If you work in social media, you know that posting regularly isn't enough anymore. ...
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7/22/21 4:16 AM4 min read

Why Comments Matter in the News Industry

The news industry is one of the most engaged industries on social media. Not only is the ...
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6/7/21 6:29 AM12 min read

Social media strategies for alcohol brands

Did you know that on average, beer, wine, and liquor brands have an engagement rate of ...
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5/19/21 10:58 AM6 min read

Why Comments Matter in the Entertainment Industry

Engagement on ads and organic is paramount for brands, especially in the entertainment ...
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5/6/21 7:07 AM7 min read

Why Comments On Your Brand’s YouTube Channel Matter

Whether you’re a fitness brand, gaming brand, retail brand, or B2B brand, your audience ...
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4/25/21 9:58 AM6 min read

Why and How Should Brands Respond to Customers on Social Media?

Responding to customers on social media can be a terrifying thought for even the most ...
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