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5 min read

Sell Big on Instagram: 4 Latest Features to Help Boost Conversions

As every marketer knows, Instagram isn't just a place to share your latest holiday snaps or yesterday's lunch. For apparel brands in particular, it is an ideal place to build, maintain and engage with...

Adidas Goes After Counterfeit Sellers on Instagram

The recent lawsuit filed by the sports brand and its subsidiary, Reebok, against 53 counterfeit sellers on social media platforms highlights a widespread problem and the need for more robust policing ...

2 min read

How An Online Retailer Increased Return on Ad Spend By 109%

Since social media became an integral part of our lives, advertisers have been investing  more and more money in order to be present in this ever-changing landscape. On Facebook alone ad spend has bee...

8 min read

8 Types of Facebook Ads for Different Marketing Objectives

Let’s be honest... Facebook advertising is a little bit mind-boggling. With 13 different objective types and 46+ variations of placement possibilities (and more being added daily), it’s sometimes diff...

4 min read

Do You Know What Is Being Said On Your Facebook Ads?

As Facebook proceeds to drive organic reach into oblivion, advertisers continue to invest more into paid engagement. Ad spending on Facebook has been increasing by 74% (!) year over year. eMarketer fo...

How Counterfeit Sellers Are Hijacking Luxury Brands on Instagram

The shift to digital for luxury brands has lead to both great opportunities and risks. The vulnerability a luxury brand faces online is made even greater by the mission of the luxury industry: to crea...

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