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Protecting Luxury Brand-value on Social Media

Jenny Wolfram
Sep 7, 2015 10:51:08 AM


Experiences are one of the most essential components of luxury brand management. To have a high brand-value, brands need to create complete experiential luxury that pulls the “few and selected” towards the exclusive community that the brand wishes to offer.

The experience needs to be complete from the temple-like store to the amazingly photographed artistic ads presented in magazines and billboards all the way from Bangkok to Time Square. Naturally, at the core of everything are the well-designed and high-quality products that these “few and selected” get to purchase.

Luxury brands and social media

As is the case in many other fields of business, during the last 10-years, luxury brands have also found rapid, wide reach with reasonably low costs on social media platforms. Everything that was once only on billboards and centre-pages of magazines is now also on Facebook, instantly reaching millions of potential consumers on their desktops and mobile devices.

Rapid and wide distribution also poses challenges. Although brands can now reach their followers within minutes with a single post on Facebook, the negative effects are also quick to spread.

One post published to millions that receives even a few spam comments starts to crumble down the brand’s value that has taken years and millions to build. Instead of equating your brand to well-produced and designed goods served in a luxurious environment, your customers will think of cheap bags bought from the back of a car from a brand that lets pornography and chain-letters roam freely on their properties. For the consumer, the experience can be compared to walking into a store and seeing the front of it completely spray-painted and full of posters in the windows.

Gaining protected brand-value on social media

As social media is so effective in reaching the needed consumer base and maintaining brand-value, it would be foolish to give up on it. Instead, the brand can be protected from any harmful content. Around the clock moderation of social media properties such as Facebook posts and ads ensures that the years and the dollars invested in creating the complete experience for the consumer do not go to waste.


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