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Apparel Brands Winning at Instagram Marketing and How

  • by: Crystal Cha
  • On: 8, Jun 2018
8 min read
8 min read

Apparel Brands Winning at Instagram Marketing and How

Instagram has developed into an outright necessity for the fashion industry, especially brands & designers engaging in e-commerce sales. As the platform introduces new features, major players are ...

7 min read

How Comments Can Affect Conversions on Social Media

It is well established that reviews left under products on eCommerce sites can have a significant impact on conversion rates. Research shows that up to 84% of people trust online reviews as much as pe...

5 min read

Sell Big on Instagram: 4 Latest Features to Help Boost Conversions

As every marketer knows, Instagram isn't just a place to share your latest holiday snaps or yesterday's lunch. For apparel brands in particular, it is an ideal place to build, maintain and engage with...

How the Biggest Beauty Brand on Instagram Drives Performance

Jenny Wolfram, CEO and Founder of BrandBastion, sat down with Christina Peirona to discuss best social media practices and how to harness influencers at Social Media Week New York. This article was or...

11 min read

The 8 Most Common Problems With Social Ads

Prevention is better than cure.

8 min read

How QSR Brands Can Manage Boycotts on Social Media

Last month, Starbucks trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, with many people calling for a boycott of the brand. 

5 min read

4 Benefits of the New Instant Games Update for Developers

Facebook's Instant Games platform is now open to all developers, announced the social network at its F8 developer conference last Wednesday. The platform, which was launched in 2016, allows users to e...

6 min read

QSR Magazine: 3 Ways Fast-Food Brands Can Win on Social Media

This article was originally published on QSR Magazine. While a bigger digital budget may get you more eyeballs, it is creativity and a genuine understanding of the customer that will drive actual enga...

Adidas Goes After Counterfeit Sellers on Instagram

The recent lawsuit filed by the sports brand and its subsidiary, Reebok, against 53 counterfeit sellers on social media platforms highlights a widespread problem and the need for more robust policing ...

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