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7 min read

This Type of Content on Social Media Can Be Harmful to Your Brand

With the announcement of Facebook’s core focus area of 2018, the question of the quality of social media content, campaigns, and comments is more relevant than ever. One of the ways brands can easily ...

How a Global Gaming Company Fights IP Infringements on YouTube

Every day, thousands of videos are uploaded to YouTube that infringe on the intellectual property rights of several gaming companies.

9 min read

What Does the Youtube Ads Crisis Mean For Facebook Advertisers?

In a surprising twist of events, YouTube managed to find itself in hot water not once, but twice in 2017. This time, it was discovered that many of the videos of children performing normal activities ...

2 min read

How An Online Retailer Increased Return on Ad Spend By 109%

Since social media became an integral part of our lives, advertisers have been investing  more and more money in order to be present in this ever-changing landscape. On Facebook alone ad spend has bee...

11 min read

Top 11 Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2018

Every year there are more and more marketing conferences popping up everywhere: some of them are huge events with massive production. Others concentrate on specific marketing niches or locations.

5 min read

The Age of Adblock - How To Make Advertising Relevant


Infographic: How should Beauty Brands deal with Animal Testing comments on Social Media?

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8 min read

7 Key Elements Behind Sales-Driving Facebook Ads

In January 2017, Small Business Trends released the results of a survey of over 2,600 small-business owners, revealing that 62% of them believe Facebook ads are ineffective or missing their target.1 W...

9 min read

What Are The Most Innovative Beauty Brands Doing On Instagram?

With over 200 million daily active users, Instagram has become one of the most popular social networks worldwide and a valuable space for brands to connect with consumers. The beauty industry has jump...

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