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Social Media Marketer Poem - A tale of a Social Media Marketer Cover Book
Sandra Figueiredo12/11/20 1:15 PM1 min read

BrandBastion Presents: A Tale Of A Social Media Marketer

A Tale Of A Social Media Marketer

Once there was a social media ad,

It was Christmassy and covered in snow,

Yet the marketer had fallen for a fad,

And the ROAS was unbearably low.


First came the trolls,

Then the spammers.

It was ruining her goals,

And she was sick of the haters.


They just kept coming back.

She said to herself in that moment, 

I think my mind will crack,

If I have to hide one more comment. 


Everyone had a question to share,

And she was eager to answer with care.

But the comments were flying,

Even with all of her trying.


She wished there was an easier way.

And just like that, it became clear.

"Stop wasting your day. 

Partner with BrandBastion, my dear." 


She saw hope at the end of the funnel,

Never again would an ad cause her to struggle.

It was time to get back to her holiday self,

So she put her work up on the shelf.


She picked up her phone one last time.

Just to check up on a competitor’s post.

It was the distraction that she loved the most. 


And even though their copy didn’t rhyme,

She still wished all social media marketers,

A wonderful Christmas time.