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4 Challenges for Food Delivery Companies on Social Media

  • by: Crystal Cha
  • On: 15, Jul 2019
10 min read
10 min read

4 Challenges for Food Delivery Companies on Social Media

The on-demand economy is thriving. Customers today expect to get what they want, with one simple click. To meet these expectations, on-demand delivery platforms across verticals have popped up, promis...

8 min read

How BrandBastion Optimizes Every Stage of the Buying Path On Social

In our previous post, we talked about how the nature of social media has evolved over the years to its current form, and what this means for advertisers today. The key takeaway was how social media is...

4 min read

How Social Media has Changed the Game for Advertisers

Traditionally, the consumer’s path to purchase has been most commonly described in terms of a funnel, starting from awareness to conversion and retention. However, with customers having more touchpoin...

8 min read

Get Your Social Media Advertising in Shape for the New Year

December is here, and with it, the season when wellness and fitness brands everywhere are gearing up for their busiest month of the year - January. Year after year, the data from online searches show ...

5 min read

Do Qualitative Metrics Matter in Performance Marketing?

Coming from the world of user acquisition, I’m familiar with looking at all sorts of performance metrics from impressions and clicks to installs, conversions, and re-engagements.

6 min read

Sell Big on Instagram: 4 Latest Features to Help Boost Conversions

As every marketer knows, Instagram isn't just a place to share your latest holiday snaps or yesterday's lunch. For apparel brands in particular, it is an ideal place to build, maintain and engage with...

5 min read

4 Benefits of the New Instant Games Update for Developers

Facebook's Instant Games platform is now open to all developers, announced the social network at its F8 developer conference last Wednesday. The platform, which was launched in 2016, allows users to e...

9 min read

7 Key Elements Behind Sales-Driving Facebook Ads

In January 2017, Small Business Trends released the results of a survey of over 2,600 small-business owners, revealing that 62% of them believe Facebook ads are ineffective or missing their target.1 W...

8 min read

8 Types of Facebook Ads for Different Marketing Objectives

Let’s be honest... Facebook advertising is a little bit mind-boggling. With 13 different objective types and 46+ variations of placement possibilities (and more being added daily), it’s sometimes diff...

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