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Why Comments Matter in the E-Commerce Industry

  • by: Cassidy Armbruster
  • On: 23, Mar 2021
12 min read

Why Comments Matter in the E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce is all about online activity, from the buying and selling of goods to the interactions your brand cultivates with its customers. To the benefit of the e-commerce industry, consumers have fo...

How Top Challenger Brands Are Winning on Social Media

Insights on Challenger Brand Marketing Strategies that Work In July 2019, the Interactive Advertising Bureau revealed that 48% of all U.S. consumers shop from direct-to-consumer brands. Challenger bra...

2 min read

‘Tis the Season: 5 Benefits to Managing Facebook Ad Comments Effectively this Year End

Comments can be utilized to identify new sales opportunities, provide better customer service, assess the impact of campaigns, prevent public relations incidents, and understand perception of products...

2 min read

How to Maximize the Impact of Your Ad Campaigns this Shopping Season

For retailers, e-commerce and brick-and-mortar alike, the holiday shopping season represents the busiest season of the year. While the year end is when people are most in the mood for shopping, there ...

6 min read

The Shift to Brand Building for the Trillion-Dollar E-Commerce Industry

"A key trend we are seeing for e-commerce is investment in brand building. You can’t just keep driving direct response, but need to also put effort into brand favorability." - Nicolas Franchet, Direct...

1 min read

Marketing Apparel on Instagram: An Exclusive Study

BrandBastion, an official Instagram partner, has released a new study revealing modern day issues surrounding apparel advertising on Instagram. By pulling in and classifying user engagement posted on ...

8 min read

Apparel Brands Winning at Instagram Marketing and How

Instagram has developed into an outright necessity for the fashion industry, especially brands & designers engaging in e-commerce sales. As the platform introduces new features, major players are cons...

7 min read

How Comments Can Affect Conversions on Social Media

It is well established that reviews left under products on eCommerce sites can have a significant impact on conversion rates. Research shows that up to 84% of people trust online reviews as much as pe...

5 min read

Sell Big on Instagram: 4 Latest Features to Help Boost Conversions

As every marketer knows, Instagram isn't just a place to share your latest holiday snaps or yesterday's lunch. For apparel brands in particular, it is an ideal place to build, maintain and engage with...

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