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How to Maximize the Impact of Your Ad Campaigns this Shopping Season

  • by: Georgiana Stefanoaei
  • On: 31, Oct 2018
3 min read

For retailers, e-commerce and brick-and-mortar alike, the holiday shopping season represents the busiest season of the year. While the year end is when people are most in the mood for shopping, there is also fierce competition among retailers trying to grab as large a slice of the holiday shopping pie as possible.

How can you stand out from the crowd? It starts with strong creative and ongoing ad optimization, but it does not stop there. You can make your ads work harder for you through harnessing the user-generated content on your ads to build social proof, protect and optimize ad spend, and ultimately, increase sales.

Read on for tips on how to sleigh this holiday season!

Facebook, the Primary Channel for Holiday Ad Campaigns

The holiday season sees the biggest ad budgets of the year and Facebook is the primary channel chosen by advertisers for their holiday digital marketing campaigns. According to, the top three channels brands say are the most effective for holiday promotion marketing and advertising are:

Holiday Shopping Tips Chart 1

There is a lot at stake to ensure that these campaigns - across Facebook, Instagram, and other channels - perform well during this peak season which accounts for a significant chunk of retailers' profits for the year.

During the holiday season, compared to all other times of the year, brands achieve significantly higher results:

Holiday Shopping Tips Chart 2

Yet achieving these results does not come easily. There are many challenges brands advertising on social media during this time of the year need to take into account. 

1. Managing engagement on ads, especially on content

For dynamic product ads, Facebook creates a unique post for each variation of the ad creative shown to the target audience. When there are thousands of different variations at once, it is impossible to keep track of engagement on these ads natively. Many tools on the market can pull in organic engagement but have limited abilities when it comes to DPAs.

2. Responding to comments demonstrating purchase intent

When customers ask about the color, a product or for the nearest store location in the comments of Facebook ads, they are demonstrating clear purchase intent. Yet too often, these comments are ignored by brands who focus their customer engagement efforts on organic while comments build up on paid posts.

For the remaining 2 challenges, click below to read the report!

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