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Why and How Should Brands Respond to Customers on Social Media?

Responding to customers on social media can be a terrifying thought for even the most seasoned marketers. One misstep can easily get amplified. At the same time, brands can drive positive brand percep...

How to Grow Your DTC Business Without Compromising Customer Service

It’s estimated that 17% of goods will be bought online in 2021, almost double that of 2016. In 2020, many industries could barely stay afloat, yet the e-commerce industry saw more growth annually than...

10 min read

How to issue a private response to a public comment on Facebook

Customer service has changed quite a bit in the last decade from mostly call centers to various online platforms handling customer complaints and inquiries. Thanks to technological advancements and th...

8 min read

Handling Customer Complaints at Scale on Social Media: Best Practices

Customer complaints. They’re the type of comment no brand wants to see on its social media ads. Yet, customers are voicing out their displeasure on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Such public posts ...

8 min read

One Simple Way to Retain Subscribers and Keep Them Happy

What is the one simple thing that can: Increase positive sentiment towards your brand by 260%, Decrease churn by 15%, Increase profits? The answer: Social media comment management.

3 min read

Complete Checklist on How to Improve Your Customer Service on Twitter

Twitter is an important platform for customer service, since many customers use it as an immediate way to reach out to a brand whenever they face an issue with their product or service.

Get and Keep the "Very Responsive to Messages" Badge on Facebook

Updated: 6 September 2018 When Facebook rolled out the “Very Responsive to Messages” icon that pages with a rapid response rate can proudly display, there was a lot of speculation as to whether having...

4 min read

10 Sweetest Christmas Facebook Posts from Customers in 2014

At BrandBastion we process millions of comments on social media every week. Our work usually focuses on spotting the harmful comments; such as spam, defamatory comments, racism and bullying..

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