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Twitter is an important platform for customer service, since many customers use it as an immediate way to reach out to a brand whenever they face an issue with their product or service.

Ensuring your Twitter customer service skills are strong will not only diffuse any potential customer service issues, but increase brand loyalty.

Here are some ways you can improve your customer service on Twitter today:

  • Have a strong bio that points customers in the direction they need to go to get the answers they require. If you have a specific Twitter account for customer care, tag it in your bio.
  • Outline the times users can utilize customer service response hours in your Twitter bio.
  • Create a flowchart for inbound attention so all staff monitoring that Twitter account know how to respond to any potential situation.
  • Monitor apps where you’re signed in through Twitter and stop access if you no longer use them.
  • Create weekly or monthly scheduled Twitter chats where customers know they can come to you for instant responses to their questions about your products and services.
  • Monitor your @ mentions consistently, and make it a point to respond to a customer in under an hour whenever possible.
  • Use analytics tools to understand your target audience on Twitter – what they’re interested in, what they’re tweeting about, and what they want from a brand they follow.
  • Create Twitter lists of influential users and loyal brand ambassadors and engage with them regularly.
  • Share fun, useful content so your followers can rely on you for more than just brand promotion.
  • Tweet regularly, using a tool like Buffer or Hootsuite to set up tweets during the best possible times for engagement.
  • Interact with users mentioning your brand, both positively and negatively. Reward the positive comments, and find a way to help solve any issue brought up in a negative post.
  • Set up response templates in a Google spreadsheet document to optimize response times for similar comments and questions.
  • Use Twitter’s advanced search feature to find customers who may be talking about your brand without tagging you, and reach out to them.

There is a lot you can do on Twitter to provide excellent customer service, but the key is to ensure your response time is quick and your response tone is consistent from user to user.

Print this checklist to ensure you have everything you need to improve your customer service on Twitter, for each brand you work with.

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