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What’s in Your Restaurant's Social Media Playbook?

  • by: Crystal Cha
  • On: 30, Aug 2018
7 min read
7 min read

What’s in Your Restaurant's Social Media Playbook?

This article was first published in QSR Magazine.

8 min read

How QSR Brands Can Manage Boycotts on Social Media

Last month, Starbucks trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, with many people calling for a boycott of the brand. 

7 min read

QSR Magazine: 3 Ways Fast-Food Brands Can Win on Social Media

This article was originally published on QSR Magazine. While a bigger digital budget may get you more eyeballs, it is creativity and a genuine understanding of the customer that will drive actual enga...

7 min read

What QSR Brands Need to Know When Advertising on Social Media

With an estimated 50 million people dining at over 200,000 fast food restaurants in the United States alone every single day, competition in the industry is fierce.

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