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Marketing Manager | A journalist by training, marketer by profession, and writer at heart, Crystal is passionate about helping brands drive success on social media and discovering new ways to communicate a message with this medium. Contact Crystal at

Blog Post by Crystal Cha

5/9/23 5:01 AM3 min read

How to Turn Off Comments on Facebook (And Why You Shouldn't Do It)

Have you ever worried about a comment on your Facebook ads spiraling into a PR crisis? As ...
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5/4/23 7:56 AM11 min read

How to Moderate Comments on Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram have evolved a lot over the years. Increasingly, these platforms ...
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11/1/22 6:26 AM9 min read

How Brands Can Actively Fight Racism and Discrimination on Social Media

As a marketer, it will come as no surprise that the time people spend online has been on ...
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10/7/22 5:01 AM3 min read

How to Plan for the Holidays: The Smart Marketer's Social Media Guide

Social media is a crucial element of every marketing strategy, and this is especially ...
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6/2/21 11:00 AM8 min read

11 Trends to Watch for Alcoholic Beverage Marketing

Shifting taste preferences from beer to hard liquor, growing health concerns leading to ...
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4/25/21 9:58 AM6 min read

Why and How Should Brands Respond to Customers on Social Media?

Responding to customers on social media can be a terrifying thought for even the most ...
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3/9/20 11:34 AM6 min read

How to Handle Profanity and Negative Comments on Social Media

Is all profanity created equal? For brands on social media, the answer is most likely no. ...
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2/19/20 3:42 AM8 min read

Marketing Dating Apps on Social Media: What You Need to Know

Marketing dating apps on social media: three common challenges Dating apps are maturing ...
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9/26/19 11:49 AM4 min read

From Town Hall to Living Room Conversations

The evolution of Facebook engagement is coming full circle Imagine customers calling your ...
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