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5 Ways to Reduce Stress as a Social Media Manager

  • by: Jenny Wolfram
  • On: 28, Aug 2015
3 min read


Working with social media has a lot of perks and is certainly a lot of fun, but there is no denying that a lot of stress comes with it.

Social media lives 24/7 and social media managers often push themselves to always be available either looking for the next opportunity or protecting their companies from the next crisis.

Here are our five key insights on how to get the success without the crushing stress.

1. Get your colleagues from other departments involved with creating content to even out your workload

We know many social media managers like to “juggle it all”, but they are still only humans. Find out what your colleagues are good at and start to disperse the projects you work on evenly amongst them. “Divide and conquer” usually works best when there is a team helping you with the content creation you have to tackle.

2. Make sure to always schedule content creation at least one month in advance

Timely planning will help you avoid the stress of having to create content at the last minute. Accurate prediction of your future projects will most certainly help you breathe easier when deadlines are looming.

3. When you are off work – be off work

Stop checking your company’s social feeds every other minute and stop taking your mobile phone to bed with you. Social media never sleeps, but you need to in order to be productive and innovative. You can employ a third party moderation solution to ensure that your properties are kept clean from harmful content such as spam and harmful comments, which may cause social media crises.

4. Use social media management tools to increase efficiency

Remember that you don’t need to do everything in real time and manually. There are solutions for scheduling, tracking and even creating content designed to help you out. Do some research, take your pick and see which method works best for your needs.

5. Set up strict yet practical deadlines

Know your projects and duties and be decisive about how much time you have (or need) to invest in them. Organizing your activity may at first seem time consuming, but a solid plan radically decreases stress and keeping your mind targeted at specific goals and due dates, you can be more efficient and have less stress.

Working with social media will always be hectic and fast-paced as well as a lot of fun. With these insights you will have a better chance at keeping yourself less stressed and more productive, while creating even better campaigns and finding even better ways to engage your fans.

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