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Founder and CEO | A lawyer by training, Jenny founded BrandBastion to help top brands manage social media engagement 24/7, while protecting ad performance on social media and improving customer service levels in 43 languages. Contact Jenny at

Blog Post by Jenny Wolfram

1/15/23 3:29 AM5 min read

5 Examples of Social Media Crisis: What Can We Learn?

Social media can be a powerful tool for businesses and organizations to connect with ...
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3/25/20 7:03 AM13 min read

Responding On Social Media During Times of Crisis

The unprecedented situation caused by COVID-19 (Coronavirus) presents an unusual ...
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7/2/18 6:26 AM4 min read

Ad Transparency Comes to Facebook and Twitter

In the wake of Cambridge Analytica, social media platforms have been pressured to provide ...
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5/4/18 5:16 AM3 min read

4 Benefits of the New Instant Games Update for Developers

Facebook's Instant Games platform is now open to all developers, announced the social ...
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5/3/18 6:59 AM4 min read

QSR Magazine: 3 Ways Fast-Food Brands Can Win on Social Media

This article was originally published on QSR Magazine. While a bigger digital budget may ...
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5/2/18 7:51 AM5 min read

Adidas Goes After Counterfeit Sellers on Instagram

The recent lawsuit filed by the sports brand and its subsidiary, Reebok, against 53 ...
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4/25/18 2:03 PM5 min read

How Beauty Subscription Brands Can Improve Social Engagement

We analyzed ads from beauty box brand Ipsy to learn how beauty startups can best manage ...
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3/1/18 3:14 PM5 min read

Why Kicking Out Counterfeit Crooks on Instagram Is So Important

This article was originally published by BrandBastion CEO Jenny Wolfram on ...
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3/1/18 3:06 PM5 min read

How Silicon Valley Is Stepping Up in the Online Terror Takedown

This article was originally published by BrandBastion CEO Jenny Wolfram in Adweek.
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