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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday (#TBT) has become a popular trend on social media platforms, allowing individuals and brands to reminisce about the past. By leveraging this weekly nostalgia-driven hashtag, businesses can engage with their audience on a more personal and emotional level. We will explore 10 creative ideas for brands to participate in Throwback Thursday, with real examples to inspire you.

What is Throwback Thursday (#TBT)?

Throwback Thursday is a social media trend that became popular on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It encourages users to share content from the past every Thursday using the hashtag #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday. Brands can leverage this trend to connect with their audience, evoke nostalgia, and showcase their growth or evolution.

10 Ideas for Throwback Thursday Ideas with real examples from 20 brands

1. Old advertisements or business cards

Dig into your archives and share vintage advertisements or business cards from earlier days. This demonstrates your brand's longevity and commitment to excellence.



2. Evolution of your branding

Share a series of your company's past logos, illustrating how your brand has transformed over the years. This showcases your journey and evolution to your audience.

3. Historic photos related to your brand/industry

Share nostalgic pictures of your team members or employees as children, accompanied by a brief story or caption. This humanizes your brand and creates an emotional connection with your audience.

4. Milestone moments

Celebrate significant achievements or milestones in your company's history. It could be the launch of a successful product or service, opening a new branch, or reaching a certain customer milestone.


5. Show how it all began

Share the humble beginnings of your brand, whether it's a garage startup, a small storefront, or a home-based operation.

6. Product or service throwback

Display the evolution of one of your flagship products or services. Show how it has improved or changed over time, highlighting the progress your brand has made.

7. Before / After

The "before and after" concept is always captivating, as it showcases the transformation and progress made over time. Use Throwback Thursday to demonstrate the evolution of your product, service, or even your brand identity.


8. Team highlights

Showcase long-standing employees or team members who have contributed to the success of your brand. Share their stories and express gratitude for their dedication.


9. Historical industry moments

Share significant moments or milestones in your industry's history. Connect these moments to your brand's story and explain how your company has played a part in shaping the industry.


10. Fan-generated content:

Encourage your followers to share their throwback memories related to your brand. Share the best submissions, giving credit to the original creators. This engages your audience and fosters a sense of community.


Participating in Throwback Thursday is an excellent way for brands to connect with their audience, by leveraging Nostalgia Marketing. If you're curious to explore the world of nostalgia-driven advertising further, be sure to check out our blog post featuring a curated collection of 42 captivating ads that market nostalgia.

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