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Anita Sarkeesian, a popular blogger and critic, posted 157 abusive tweets displaying the amount of defamatory comments she receives on a daily basis. Sarkeesian, who runs the Feminist Frequency, is an activist against sexism and misogyny within the Media - yet has received harsh criticism for it. 

The tweets that Sarkeesian posted on her blog are not only severely offensive but life-threatening, such as the one illustrated below:  

Blog Example Tweet

Image courtesy of Feminist Frequency

These hateful tweets, not only illustrate a grim social issue but emphasize an underlying problem - online harassment. 

Unfortunately, Sarkeesian's case is just one of many incidents. Pew research released a report that "four-in-ten internet users are victims of online harassment, varying in degrees of severity."

There is a serious harassment problem on social media and we can not avoid it any longer, according to the Pew Research report, "66% of internet users who have experienced online harassment said their most recent incident occurred on a social networking site or app."

Social Media sites such as Twitter, have created tools to help combat this issue, however attack by hordes has made these tools ineffective against trollers. 

Blocking and deleting these users is not enough, the issue of harassment needs to be dealt with head on. There needs to be constant moderation and escalation whenever threats are involved. 

Repercussions must be met and attackers need to be prosecuted. Without proper moderation, these incidents can have an interminable effect on someone’s reputation. 

If you or your company is falling victim to online harassment and need help protecting your social media properties, please contact BrandBastion for further counsel.

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