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4 Reasons Why You Should Take Control of Your Facebook Page

  • by: Jenny Wolfram
  • On: 9, Jun 2014
4 min read


Social media may at times feel like a wild road crossing with things changing and moving a 100 miles an hour. This is partly true, but there are also many social media platforms out there that provide good tools for brands and public figures to moderate their social media presence. However, with often quite limited resources, many brands cannot find the time to take care of the content being posted on their Facebook pages. A majority of brand pages are left unguarded and free for vandals to haunt and trolls to conquer.

This post will discuss 4 reasons why it is good to moderate comments on your Facebook page.

1. Damanged Brand Image

A Facebook page is like an online representative office of your brand. The same way you don’t want “SCAM” or “work from home now” sprayed above your office’s main entrance; you don’t want your brand’s official presence on the biggest social media platform in the world to look like a minefield. A Facebook page flooded with spammy advertisements from “make money” scams and inappropriate sources is a sure turn-off for visitors. Current and future customers, investors, press and employees may have a hard time trusting your professionalism and quality of work if this is what they see online. Keeping a clean Facebook page is especially important if your company is building or has a premium brand. Your brand’s content on Facebook and tone of exclusivity loses its effect entirely when it is being posted on a page full of inappropriate and spammy content.

2. Legal Trouble

Every brand may not be aware of the fact that uncontrolled social media activities may result in legal trouble. In 2011, the Australian Federal court determined that companies are legally responsible for third party comments written on their Facebook page, as these comments are considered as part of their advertising campaign. Smirnoff and Fosters have for example faced legal trouble due to sexist comments not having been removed from their Facebook pages. Online activities are becoming more and more regulated and this is absolutely something we all need to look out for.

3. Fan Security

Many brands double or triple check their content before it’s shared live with millions of fans. However, quite contradictory, user-generated content has received very little attention so far. Spam, defamatory comments and malicious links are posted on many legendary big brands’ Facebook pages. This harmful content is visible to millions of brand fans and their friends. It’s not only brands facing these vandalistic attacks; also non-profit organizations, charities and even the leader of the free world are being victimized. Facebook scammers leave no one untouched.

4. Decreased Ad Performance

Facebook offers amazing opportunities for brands and businesses to advertise directly to their target customers. However, advertising budgets are easily wasted when an advertisement on Facebook of your gleamingly new product is followed by a long list of comments from a few disgruntled customers and advertisements from competitors.

Moderation is like cleaning, necessary, but not every social media or brand manager’s cup of tea. Among all the content planning, creation and engaging with fans, moderation is usually the last thing on a social media manager’s to-do list. This is the reason why many companies opt to outsource moderation to social media agencies. There is a clear upside to this: it’s cheaper, more efficient and a huge time saver. In the next post, we will discuss critical factors that you need to consider when hiring an agency to help out with your Facebook moderation.


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