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Blog Post by Cassidy Armbruster

4/24/23 8:32 AM8 min read

Social Media Moderation: Why It’s Essential and How To Do It

As the famous internet expression goes: "Haters gonna hate." So as a business, why should ...
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5/19/21 10:58 AM6 min read

Why Comments Matter in the Entertainment Industry

Engagement on ads and organic is paramount for brands, especially in the entertainment ...
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5/6/21 7:07 AM7 min read

Why Comments On Your Brand’s YouTube Channel Matter

Whether you’re a fitness brand, gaming brand, retail brand, or B2B brand, your audience ...
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4/7/21 12:40 PM6 min read

How to Grow Your DTC Business Without Compromising Customer Service

It’s estimated that 17% of goods will be bought online in 2021, almost double that of ...
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3/31/21 11:24 AM6 min read

How To Set Up Community Guidelines On Social Media

Update your community guidelines and social media moderation policies When was the last ...
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3/23/21 10:18 AM8 min read

Why Comments Matter in the E-Commerce Industry

E-commerce is all about online activity, from the buying and selling of goods to the ...
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3/10/21 6:55 AM7 min read

5 Ideas to Drive Inclusive Engagement [+ IWD '21 Brand Examples]

From challenge comes change. BrandBastion team members from all across the world joined ...
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2/25/21 10:43 AM< 1 min read

Brand Safety in the Era of Conversational Advertising

BrandBastion’s founder and CEO, Jenny Wolfram, led a fireside chat at this year’s Sofa ...
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2/22/21 9:53 AM8 min read

16 Brands That Took Public Action Against Hate Speech on Social Media

Society has grappled with racial inequality and witnessed blatant discriminatory and ...
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