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3 Ways Vandalistic Content Kills Your Facebook Ad Performance

  • by: Jenny Wolfram
  • On: 27, Jun 2014
2 min read


1. Harmed brand reputation

The same way you wouldn’t allow rude words and nasty things to be sprayed on your brand’s billboard, you shouldn’t allow your Facebook advertisements to be destroyed by spam and hateful speech from a few disgruntled customers. According to a survey by Zendesk in 2013, 86% said that they would change their opinion about purchasing a service or a product after reading negative comments online. The same study also stated that Facebook is one of the most popular platforms that customers find product reviews from. Everyone is of course entitled to their own opinion, but when this opinion is stated beneath an advertisement that you are pushing out to millions of prospective customer, you need to make sure that the opinion is not destroying your brand reputation.

blog1-2.png                        Wix's Facebook ad with counterproductive comments

2. Prospective customers lost to competitors 

Promoted posts on Facebook have proven to act as excellent platforms for competitors or affiliate marketers to advertise themselves on your ads. By posting links to their own products on your ads, competitors are reaching your target audience in the best possible way without having to spend a dime. To chip in to the complication, 79% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to the 2013 Local Consumer Review Survey by BrightLocal. When “Susan Jones” (with a profile picture from a stock photo site and 1 Facebook friend) writes that she recommends people to use “B’s products” instead of your products and adds a discount link to the comment, a lot of prospective clients may be tempted to follow her lead.

3. Decreased click-through rates

According to Nexgate Spam report in 2013, fans are less likely to click on a page’s link if they are exposed to other links visible on your Facebook page. Many brands have contributed a big part of their advertising budget to Facebook promoted posts, only to discover less than optimal click-through rates. Some may try to change the ad format and get optimization experts involved, without realizing that there’s nothing wrong with the ad – only the comments on the ad.

The solution to all of the problems above is to take full control of your ads, monitor and moderate them on a regular basis. This could be carried out by assigning a member of your team to go through them regularly, removing harmful content and at the same time engaging and answering any questions your target audience may have. This should preferably be done on a 24/7/365 basis.

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