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Jenny Wolfram6/3/16 8:02 AM1 min read

TechCrunch Comments Moderation Now Powered by BrandBastion


We are excited to announce that as of June 1, 2016, TechCrunch has started using BrandBastion to power the comments moderation all across its website. All articles on TechCrunch will now be protected by our state-of-the-art comment moderation system. Thus improving the experience of their vast and savvy readership.

TC Comments Moderation by BB Screenshot Desktop

TechCrunch is the #1 business blog for startup and investment news from around the world. Boasting a monthly readership of 6.5M US readers from across the tech industry - entrepreneurs, investors, startup fans, venture capitalists, developers, and decision makers - and more reading from outside the US. Meanwhile, on social media, TechCrunch has garnered a community of over 13M+ followers and growing.

techcrunch audience size - BrandBastion

 TechCrunch applying BrandBastion’s moderation is a testament to the effectiveness, scalability and accuracy of our product. At the same time, it also signifies that moderating spam and derogatory comments is a real problem faced by some of the greatest brands globally.

Even with a dedicated team of social media managers, as social media platforms become noisier, brands are increasingly faced with the overwhelming task of moderating spam, hate speech, piracy and competitor attacks on their properties whilst continuing to publish engaging and creative content on a timely basis.

Having a dedicated social media team is a great start, but often not enough. As social media teams are caught up engaging with fans and creating great content, going through comments becomes a classic Red Queen’s Race where you can run all day long, just to remain in the same spot. That’s where BrandBastion comes in helping social teams gain super-powers thanks to our state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

We guarantee 99.98% accuracy, 24/7 monitoring, the industry’s fastest response times and have capabilities to process over 60 million comments on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube every day for some of the world’s greatest brands – now including TechCrunch. If you think your brand could benefit from one of our solutions, please get in touch with us.

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