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How to Make Instagram Algorithm Changes Work for Your Brand In 2016

  • by: Jenny Wolfram
  • On: 14, Jun 2016
4 min read

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Social media managers have been concerned about the changes coming to Instagram since they were announced, worried that the shift toward algorithm based feeds and away from time-stamped feeds would serve to kill user views and engagement - the way it did when Facebook first made similar changes.

Now that the rollout is beginning, it’s time to take control of the changes, and use those social media management skills to take advantage of the changes, instead of fearing how they will hurt your bottom line.

Here’s how.

Engage even more than before.

Commenting on and liking photos of followers and potential followers has always been a key strategy for both growing a following and keeping followers actively engaged. Now that these changes are happening, this strategy should become an even more important part of your daily Instagram routine.

They key to keeping your posts in the feeds of followers lies in the engagement your content receives. Keeping engagement high will ensure Instagram takes notice, showing your content to followers. The more time you spend engaging with other users content, the more they will reciprocate, bumping you up in the algorithm.

Host a daily challenge.

Hosting a daily challenge has always been great for engagement spikes, and with these changes, they will become even more valuable. Hosting a daily Instagram challenge around the topic your brand is associated with will have users tagging you, using your hashtag, and engaging on a very high level for the duration of the challenge.

Thank users that use your hashtags.

Your brand has its own hashtag, and your fans are using this hashtag on their own relevant photos. A simple way to build loyalty and increase engagement long-term is by searching through the hashtag and engaging with these photos, thanking them for sharing this user-generated branded content.

Repost follower photos.

While you’re searching through the hashtags, find the best of the user-generated content around your brand and repost the photo, crediting the user. The more shout-outs you give to fans, the more content they will create around your brand, in order to remain in the pool of potential content you will repost.

Invite followers to turn on post notifications so they don’t miss your giveaways.

While this idea received some backlash when it was initially suggested as a solution to the changes, the benefit to showing your fans how to turn on post notifications outweighs the possibility of lost followers. While some will not be interested in being notified of a new post, many loyal fans will be – especially if there is an incentive such as a great giveaway or daily challenge they won’t want to miss out on.


With these tips in mind, you will keep your brand’s Instagram account active, engaged, and engaging. And that is the key to keeping your content in the feeds of your fans throughout all the changes. If you’re still concerned, you can also study what other great brands are doing to keep their Instagram audience engaged.

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