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social media brand protection
BrandBastion9/19/23 7:22 AM6 min read

The Best Guide to Social Media Brand Protection

Social media brand protection is a proactive approach to defending your brand from potential threats, and reputation damage. In this guide, we'll delve into what social media brand protection is, why it's vital, and how to do it.


What is Social Media Brand Protection? 

Social media brand protection encompasses a range of strategies and tools employed by businesses to maintain and enhance their brand reputation on social media. It's all about actively monitoring, managing, and mitigating risks associated with online activities that could tarnish your brand's identity. Social media brand protection should be part of your social media marketing strategy.


What is Online Brand Protection?

Social media brand protection is part of a broader strategy known as online brand protection.

Online brand protection extends beyond the boundaries of social media platforms. It encompasses various strategies and practices aimed at safeguarding your brand's reputation, intellectual property, and customer base in the digital world.


Why You Need to Protect Your Brand on Social Media

On social media, information spreads like wildfire, and your brand's reputation can be destroyed within minutes. As a result, protecting your brand reputation on these platforms has become an absolute necessity.

Here are some compelling reasons why you need to prioritize brand protection on social media:


1. Reputation Management

Harmful comments, malicious attacks, or even impersonation can swiftly tarnish the image you've crafted over the years.


2. Fostering Customer Trust

Trust is the currency of the digital realm, and it's something you cannot afford to lose. When customers see your brand as safe and trustworthy online, it strengthens their bond with your business. Protecting your online reputation is key to ensuring customer trust.


3. Legal Compliance

Beyond the court of public opinion, there's also a legal dimension to brand protection on social media. Safeguarding your brand online involves adhering to intellectual property laws and regulations. Failure to do so can lead to potential legal entanglements, including copyright infringement claims and trademark disputes.

For example, the High Court said media companies are responsible for comments made by the public on their Facebook posts.


4. Impact on the Bottom line

The health of your brand on social media is linked to your bottom line. Negative online incidents can lead to reduced sales, customer churn, and damage to your brand's value. Being proactive about protecting your brand can improve your online presence, attract customers, and increase revenue.

In this complex situation, where opportunities and challenges are everywhere, the key is to use a proactive online brand protection approach.


10 Steps to Protect Your Brand on Social Media


1. Create a Social Media Crisis Plan

Preparation is the first line of defense. Develop a comprehensive social media crisis management plan that outlines how to respond to various online emergencies. This plan should include a designated crisis team, clear communication protocols, and predefined response strategies for common issues. With a good plan, you can quickly and effectively respond to a crisis, reducing potential harm.


2. Get Verified

Verification badges on social media platforms are symbols of credibility. Apply for verification for your official social media accounts to help users easily distinguish them from imposters. Followers are more likely to trust verified accounts. Verified accounts also provide an added layer of security against impersonation.


3. Monitor Social Media Accounts

Regular monitoring of your social media profiles is essential for staying ahead of potential threats. Invest in monitoring tools and analytics platforms that provide real-time insights into your brand's online activities. Beyond just tracking mentions, keep an eye on changes in sentiment. If negative sentiment begins to trend upward, it's a signal to investigate and address the underlying issues promptly.


4. Respond to Customer Complaints Publicly

Transparency and responsiveness are key to managing your brand's reputation. When customers voice concerns or complaints on social media, always make sure you respond publicly. Acknowledge the issue, express empathy, and offer a solution or assurance of resolution. Publicly addressing concerns not only demonstrates your commitment to top-notch customer service but also showcases your brand's willingness to improve.



5. Engage in Every Opportunity to Improve Positive Sentiment

How you engage with positive interactions also influences your brand's image. Whenever you receive praise, feedback, or compliments on social media, take the opportunity to engage with your audience.

Thank customers for their support and encourage them to share their positive experiences further. This proactive approach helps bolster positive sentiment and fosters a sense of community around your brand.


6. Set Up Alerts for Urgent Issues, Potential Threats and Spikes in Negative Sentiment

Don't wait until a crisis hits to take action. Utilize social media monitoring tools to set up alerts for keywords and phrases related to your brand. By receiving immediate notifications about potential threats or emerging issues, you can respond promptly and prevent minor concerns from escalating.

In addition to continuous monitoring, set up alerts for significant spikes in negative sentiment. Spikes can show a possible crisis starting, so you can act quickly and stop a small problem from getting worse.



7. Moderate Spam and Scam Comments

Maintaining a clean and safe online environment is crucial. Implement robust moderation policies to filter out spam, scam comments, and inappropriate content on your social media channels. Regularly review and update these policies to adapt to changing threats and keep your brand protected online.


8. Remove Competitor Promotions and Unreasonable Brand Attack Comments:

Swiftly address any comments that promote competitors or contain unreasonable attacks on your brand. Monitor your social media channels to ensure that such content is removed promptly.


9. Track Brand Impersonators

Brand impersonation is a deceptive tactic where individuals or accounts mimic your brand's identity. These actions usually have the intention of misleading or deceiving your audience. These impersonators might use similar usernames, profile pictures, or even employ your brand's logo and messaging to create a false impression. In some cases, they may even attempt trademark infringement by selling counterfeit products to your audience.


When you identify brand impersonators engaging in trademark infringement, take immediate action to remove their presence. This includes hiding their comments, blocking the accounts from commenting again, and reporting them to the respective social media platform.


10. Use Social Media Brand Protection Services

Consider enlisting the help of online brand protection companies. These expert brand protection solutions can provide advanced monitoring, threat detection, and response strategies to bolster your brand's defenses.

When it comes to safeguarding your brand on social media, utilizing specialized online brand protection services is essential. Two exceptional options to consider are BrandBastion Safety and BrandBastion Lite, each catering to different needs and requirements:

BrandBastion Safety: AI + Human Moderation: BrandBastion Safety is ideal for large brands dealing with high comment volumes on social media. It offers 24/7 highly accurate moderation with a blend of AI and human expertise. This service scales effortlessly and allows extensive customization, making it the top choice for comprehensive brand protection.

BrandBastion Lite: 100% AI Automation: BrandBastion Lite is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses with moderate comment volumes. It provides efficient AI-powered moderation, automating comment hiding for spam, offensive content, and more. Additional customization through keyword blockers and access to sentiment insights make it an excellent choice for streamlined brand protection.

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