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“24% of American Internet users 12+ who have contacted a brand in social media, expect a reply within 30 minutes, regardless of when contact was made”. Credit: Convince and Convert

42% expect a response within 60 minutes from posting on a Facebook brand page. This puts quite some pressure on social media managers to be quick in their responses. For brand pages receiving tens of thousands of comments per day, it’s however not only about being quick in posting a response - but also about being quick in actually finding the comments that need to be responded to.

We’ve frequently discussed this matter especially with gaming companies. Most gaming companies have built fantastic platforms and communities for customer support. They are reluctant to having customer support representatives work on their social media pages responding to comments, as it’s a lot less efficient than using their platforms that have been specifically built for this purpose.

Many companies are solving this issue by apologizing on social media for the trouble and kindly redirecting the commenter to post their inquiry on their support platform. It’s good to differentiate these responses to make them natural and customized and not like the responses are statically being copy-pasted from one inquiry to another. Including the commenters name in the response preferably by tagging the name is also important to make sure the commenter actually notices the response.

One of the great things with redirecting commenters to your support platform is that there your support staff will easily receive all the relevant information from the customer that they need to solve the problem. Especially when it comes to gaming, customer support agents will need quite thorough information in order to solve cases of lost coins or games crashing.

It's better that this information is moved off your Facebook page and straight to your customer support agents. If the customer needs to be refunded, it also requires the customer to submit personal information, which can easily be done in a secure way on the support platform. For brands that don't have support platforms, it may make sense to post responses encouraging the commenter to call your customer support line to explain their issue in further detail.

Whatever option you chose, the most important thing is to respond in some way. As studies show, to keep customer satisfied, responses to customer support inquiries need to be posted preferably within 60 minutes on a 24/7 basis.

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