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Brand Safety in the Era of Conversational Advertising

  • by: Cassidy Armbruster
  • On: 25, Feb 2021
2 min read

BrandBastion’s founder and CEO, Jenny Wolfram, led a fireside chat at this year’s Sofa Summit with Sameer Amin, Global Director Data Driven Marketing & Media at RB (Reckitt Benckiser).


Session abstract: How should advertisers approach brand safety on social channels when consumers are interacting with their ads in real time? Experts Jenny Wolfram and Sameer Amin discussed brand safety on social media, both a pressing topic and challenge for brands in 2021.

The webinar dives into the following topics:

  • Uncertainty: Managing the immediacy of social media and consumer expectations beyond the functional benefits or experiences of products and services
  • Ownership and Responsibility: Does the responsibility of harmful speech online fall into the hands of the brands or social media platforms?
  • Global advertising: How to keep ads hate-free despite different cultural contexts and language barriers



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