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Cassidy Armbruster2/25/21 10:43 AM< 1 min read

Brand Safety in the Era of Conversational Advertising

BrandBastion’s founder and CEO, Jenny Wolfram, led a fireside chat at this year’s Sofa Summit with Sameer Amin, Global Director Data-Driven Marketing & Media at RB (Reckitt Benckiser).


Session abstract: How should advertisers approach brand safety on social channels when consumers are interacting with their ads in real-time? Experts Jenny Wolfram and Sameer Amin discussed brand safety on social media, both a pressing topic and challenge for brands in 2021.

The webinar dives into the following topics:

  • Uncertainty: Managing the immediacy of social media and consumer expectations beyond the functional benefits or experiences of products and services
  • Ownership and Responsibility: Does the responsibility for harmful speech online fall into the hands of the brands or social media platforms?
  • Global advertising: How to keep ads hate-free despite different cultural contexts and language barriers

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