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Dynamic ads arm advertisers with the power to promote large inventories at scale, which in turn, drives higher ROAS.


Ever since Facebook launched dynamic ads, more and more advertisers have started using this powerful feature. Since then, Facebook has rolled out tailored versions of the tool for the travel and auto industries.

Dynamic ads enable you to automatically reach a huge audience with personalized recommendations from catalogs with millions of products instead of individually creating an ad for every item you promote, you create an ad template that automatically uses the information from your product catalog to render a personalized ad variation for the viewer. 

Because of this set up, this format can be challenging when it comes to managing comments across hundreds of ad variations.

With so many different ad variations, it becomes nearly impossible to see how people react and what they comment on these posts.

Facebook provides some solutions to manage ad comments manually via Ads Manager and the Facebook Page's Notifications. However, none of them are practical when running large campaigns. 

If you're looking for an easy way to analyze your comments across Facebook Dynamic Ads, BrandBastion provides a free social engagement report that covers organic and paid properties, including dynamic ads

This guide highlights the key challenges of managing engagement on dynamic ads and provides helpful guidelines for approaching these challenges to drive engagement and personalization with this ad format. 


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