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BrandBastion12/5/23 3:34 AM9 min read

10 Best Brands on Instagram & What to Learn from Them

With over two billion monthly active users, Instagram remains the visual hub of social media. It provides an ideal space for brands to showcase their creativity, establish connections with a wider audience, and uncover customer insights.

We have analyzed the top 10 most engaged global brands on Instagram to break down their posting strategies and help you up your social game on this platform. Discover the types of posts they deploy, the best hour to post, the engagement for different content goals, and even the ideal caption length.

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Top 10 Most Engaging Brands on Instagram

From the top 100 most followed global brands on Instagram, we've pinpointed the 10 best brand Instagram accounts, distinguished by the highest engagement rates. Prepare for a deep dive into these Instagram top brands to extract invaluable insights.

While these brand Instagram accounts might not perfectly match your industry, the insights we reveal from their global success stories transcend industry boundaries, offering a golden opportunity to learn from their unique approaches. After a brief introduction of each brand, delve into our analysis armed with actionable insights ready to elevate your social strategy and catapult you into the league of the best Instagram brands.



Bugatti's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 21.6 Million
  • Engagement rate: 1.52% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Bugatti's Instagram showcases automotive artistry with a focus on luxury. Their target audience is highly engaged and each post is a meticulous display of craftsmanship and innovation.



Marvel's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 67.7 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.67% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Marvel's Instagram goes beyond promotion, providing a behind-the-scenes look at cinematic universes. It seamlessly blends fan interactions with high-quality captivating visuals.



Vogue's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 47.2 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.31% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Vogue's Instagram presents a curated exploration into the realm of fashion through engaging content. From runway highlights to exclusive interviews, it offers a nuanced perspective on style.



Apple's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 31.9 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.50% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Apple's Instagram mirrors simplicity and innovation, featuring sleek product shots, user-generated content, and updates on technological advancements.



Disney Plus' Instagram profile

  • Followers: 5.6 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.28% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Disney+ welcomes Instagram users into a world where nostalgia blends seamlessly with modern storytelling. Their account features a mix of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic content.



Porsche's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 28.9 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.62% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Porsche's Instagram account showcases speed and elegance through dynamic visuals and videos. The automobile brand perfectly captures the excitement of the open road and precision engineering.



Ferrari's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 27.8 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.53% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Ferrari's Instagram feed pays homage to speed, design, and the Italian car heritage. It does so by encapsulating the brand's rich racing legacy and commitment to luxurious craftsmanship through carefully created content.



GoPro's Instagram Profile

  • Followers: 20.7 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.13% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

GoPro's Instagram serves as a gateway to thrilling adventures, showcasing the flexibility of their cameras through user-generated content. Echoing their Instagram bio— "We help the world capture and share itself in immersive and exciting ways"— the brand's content perfectly reflects their mission.



PlayStation's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 30.8 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.42% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

PlayStation's Instagram account takes their community of gamers on a journey into virtual excitement. Their content features game teasers and fan spotlights that capture the essence of gaming culture.



Nike's Instagram profile

  • Followers: 307 Million
  • Engagement rate: 0.04% (Average Engagements per Post / Total Followers at the Time of the Analysis)

Nike's Instagram visually pays tribute to athleticism and empowerment, featuring inspirational stories, cutting-edge designs, and a commitment to inclusivity.


What You Can Learn from the Top 10 Brands:


Analyzing Optimal Timing: When should you post on Instagram?

Nailing the timing on Instagram can make the difference between a post that barely sparks a conversation and one that becomes a comment magnet. It's not just about sticking to a routine; our exploration into these top 10 brands reveals invaluable insights into the best times to post. This knowledge empowers you to test and refine your brand's posting schedule.

Our analysis indicates that Monday is the optimal day for engagement, with the most favorable posting window between 1 PM and 2 PM. This timeframe proves highly effective in grabbing the attention of the Instagram audience. Notable engagement patterns also emerge on Tuesday at 12 PM, Wednesday at 12 AM - 1 AM, and Thursday at 9 AM (all times listed in UTC time).

Conversely, Fridays and Saturdays see the lowest number of likes and comments, with Sundays also witnessing low engagement, representing the day with the least number of comments.

Our recommendation is to experiment by posting during these highlighted optimal times. This process allows you to identify which time slots deliver optimal performance for your brand. Once you've identified the winners, seamlessly integrate them into your posting routine and observe how audience engagement improves over time.


Analyzing Engaging Media Types: What type of Instagram post is better?

Understanding when and why to use a single image, carousel, or video is pivotal for crafting a compelling story that resonates with your audience and captures their attention. Each media type possesses unique storytelling strengths, and we've delved into these three formats to uncover which one excels in terms of engagement.

In recent years, video has ascended to the forefront as the reigning media type, fueled by the widespread popularity of TikTok and Reels. However, in our exploration of media types, carousels outshine the rest, boasting a median engagement rate more than double that of other formats. This observation suggests a pronounced preference from the audience for a scroll-worthy narrative, solidifying carousels as the go-to choice for maximizing engagement on Instagram.

Yet, the essence of a dynamic Instagram presence lies in the strategic use of various media types. It's not just a matter of choosing one over the other; it's about focusing on the storytelling and understanding when to deploy each format strategically, creating a dynamic and resonant experience for your audience.


Analyzing Top-Performing Content Goals: What should you post about?

In our analysis of these 10 brands, we've categorized their posts into five distinct social media marketing content goals: Conversation, Education, Entertainment, Connection, and Promotion. By doing so, we aimed to identify which Instagram content category yields the most engaging results.

Promotional content takes center stage in the content strategies of top brands on Instagram. It serves as a powerful tool for showcasing products and experiences, consistently outperforming other content types.

Consider incorporating contests, giveaways, and promotions into your content strategy, as these often ignite user interactions, fostering a sense of community and loyalty. Additionally, they prove to be effective tools for promoting brand awareness, as users are more likely to tag others in posts, amplifying engagement.

And let's not overlook the valuable feedback loop that promotional content creates with the audience. Social media becomes a direct channel for brands to receive feedback from their followers. Comments, likes, and shares serve as rich sources of insights into consumer preferences and sentiments, enabling brands to refine their strategies. The application of these insights becomes a catalyst for sustained increases in engagement over time.

The takeaway here is clear – a thoughtfully crafted promotional piece has the potential to deeply resonate with your audience, fostering higher engagement levels.


Analyzing Ideal Caption Length: How long should your caption be?

Caption length plays a crucial role in engaging your audience. Brands frequently wonder what works best on the different social media platforms: short and sweet captions, mid-length captions, or long and informative captions to educate their audience. We analyzed character length across all posts from the top 10 most engaged brands on Instagram to determine which character length lent to optimal engagement.

Top brands predominantly favor captions in the range of 100-249 characters, striking a balance between conciseness and context. Short captions are often ideal for quick, visually-driven content, such as images or videos. If the content is visually striking and doesn't require much explanation, users may prefer brevity in these cases to quickly understand the message.

Interestingly, longer posts, exceeding 1,600 characters, also find success, signaling that a thoughtful narrative can capture attention when used appropriately. Longer captions might be favored for more in-depth content, such as storytelling, detailed explanations, or educational posts. Users engaged in these types of content may appreciate the depth and context provided by longer captions. However, when it comes to being one of the most engaging brands on Instagram, it's important to exercise caution with lengthier captions as there is always a risk for a drop in post engagement.

What's critical here is regular testing between the two caption lengths for your brand. Always factor in the content type to ensure that the caption complements the visual being posted, and factor in your own audience's unique preferences.


Decoding the Hashtag Dilemma: How many hashtags (if any) should you use?

Hashtags act as gateways, making your content discoverable to a wider audience. Users frequently search or follow specific hashtags, and incorporating relevant ones in your captions can extend your content's reach to users interested in those topics. In today's digital landscape, users increasingly turn to hashtags as a means to find what they're looking for.

Beyond discoverability, hashtags play a crucial role in branding. Introducing and promoting a unique branded hashtag can help solidify your brand identity and foster user-generated content tied to your products or services, ultimately boosting engagement on your posts.

The hashtag sweet spot falls within the range of 3-4, consistently utilized by top brands for optimal engagement. Posts featuring 0-5 hashtags garner the highest engagement, underlining the importance of moderation. The key is to avoid overloading your content with hashtags.

While top brands often stick to 0-1 hashtags, they seldom exceed 14 hashtags per post. This highlights that a strategic and restrained use of hashtags can enhance discoverability without overwhelming the audience.


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