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Top Challenges Faced by Delivery Apps When Advertising on Social Media

  • by: Georgiana Stefanoaei
  • On: 10, Oct 2018
2 min read

The on-demand economy is thriving. Customers today expect to get what they want, with one simple click. To meet this growing demand, on-demand delivery platforms across all kinds of verticals have popped up, promising speed and convenience.

When these platforms fail to deliver, customers take to the comment feeds of brands’ social media ads to complain. Many brands are unable to respond promptly enough, due to insufficient resources for around-the-clock engagement management, exposing themselves to potential threats of unobserved social media crisis, lackluster ad performance, missed opportunities and high levels of customer dissatisfaction.

In our experience working with large brands advertising on social media, we've spotted some common challenges that are typically faced by delivery apps. These are:

1. Competitive market

In a competitive market, service is king. Delivery apps work around the clock to provide customers with convenience, and keeping them satisfied is crucial, as retention is key for this business model in additional to continual growth. As new online platforms race to capture markets and customers across the world, this fierce competitivity is also reflected in the comment section of the ads.

Recommendation: Competitor promotions on promoted content push prospects to other brands. This means advertisers are paying to promote ads that are sending viewers directly to their competitors, decreasing the ROI. BrandBastion recommends that all promotions are hidden in real-time 24/7 to protect the brand and the ad investment.


2. Missed opportunities

Due to the challenging nature of detecting and moderating comments on paid ad posts natively in Ads Manager, many customer inquiries often go unnoticed or there is a long delay between the time a customer posts a question and the time the brand responds.

Recommendation: Respond to all sales opportunities promptly to convert users while they are still engaged and interested in the product or to turn upset customers around before their frustration grows. As ads have high reach, it is important to stem negativity as this is seen by everyone the ad is shown to. Responding quickly shows the ad audience that the brand delivers excellent customer service.

For more, click below to read about the rest of the challenges.

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