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Marketing Apparel on Instagram: An Exclusive Study

  • by: Ben Cathcart
  • On: 12, Jun 2018
1 min read

BrandBastion, an official Instagram partner, has released a new study revealing modern day issues surrounding apparel advertising on Instagram. By pulling in and classifying user engagement posted on ads, the report is able to identify trends and recurring situations from an alternative perspective: that of the consumer.

Focusing on the industry's big players, the report highlights situations which are occurring at scale. Engagement data has been considered from major brands such as: 

Major Apparel Brands

Significant trends identified include that of audience reactions on efforts to improve ethnic inclusion in fashion creatives. Even as brands are making massive efforts when it comes to diversity and inclusion (2017 being the industry’s most inclusive year yet), 17% out of all apparel ads analyzed included comments from consumers asking brands to consider more diversity when advertising.

The report is currently offered for free from the BrandBastion website. To read or download it in a PDF format, please click below.


Want further information or to share this report on your own site? Please don't hesitate to contact us via the link below.


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