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How An Online Retailer Increased Return on Ad Spend By 109%

Jenny Wolfram
Jan 5, 2018 5:12:01 PM

Since social media became an integral part of our lives, advertisers have been investing  more and more money in order to be present in this ever-changing landscape. On Facebook alone ad spend has been growing by 74% year-over-year.

With this much budget being allocated to social channels, it’s no wonder you want to make sure you get optimal results. Advertisers come up with all kinds of copy tricks to appeal to their audiences. They figure out the most intricate targeting combinations to ensure that no click and no impression goes to waste. Still there are more revenue opportunities that can be achieved through social media ads.

Ways to improve Facebook ad performance

First of all, Facebook ad performance can be negatively impacted by harmful comments, including spam and counterfeit selling. Even the kind of copywriting that would make “Mad Men” proud, might fail when there are harmful comments on the ad. At best, it would make you look untrustworthy. At worst, people will get scammed, lose their money and blame you. Do not overlook the importance of this matter.

Second often untapped opportunity to increase ad performance is actually very obvious and simple: answer customer inquiries. This matter often gets overlooked due to insufficient resources for support in-house. As this is one of the cost-efficient services offered by BrandBastion, we decided to test if it really impacts the ad performance.

The A/B test

With a customer of ours - a respected premium online retailer - we launched two identical ad campaigns. Both were protected against harmful comments, but only one of the ads had BrandBastion’s response solution applied. The results were astonishing: return on ad spend increased by 109%!

That’s probably natural when you simply tell people how to buy what they want to buy. But that’s not all... Conversions and the cost of web purchase have also changed significantly! Click the button below to get more details.


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